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  1. Have you looked at the h&r pardner pump it's pretty much a 870 copy all the parts are interchangeabl Except the barrels unless you make a spacer Comes in a few styles and lengths Got mine last year at dicks for $150 with coupon Have a few hundred rounds threw it with no problems
  2. Saved the pic but didn't write down what kind of rail it was and can't find it now. Can someone help me out thanks
  3. Does the ACCU-WEDGE work well or is there something better Cuz I just got my spikes lower today and my upper fits really loose has lots of side to side play
  4. Thats what I was thinking what I must have seen were panic prices
  5. Was wondering what they are worth I would guess not much more or none at all compared to the other spider lowers I know they only made around 500 And I tried to look them up for sale and I only found a few stripped lowers and they were all around 300 to 400 but don't think that's right
  6. The post is from nov 2011. I think it's long gone lol
  7. There site shows 259 in stock still. Thought they would be sold out already
  8. I stopped at another local Wally tonight an they got a shipment in I got 4 boxes of American eagle 223 at $8 a box and a box of tul for $6 it was the last of the 223 But they still had lots of other hard to find ammo instock. 22lr and 9mm Going try and go back in the morning for 9mm
  9. My local walmart in palm bay fl has about 20 to 30 boxes of 223 ammo left few people in line to get some This is the 3rd time they got it instock this week And they have a limit on 3 boxes per person And there 11.27 a box
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