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  1. Black7

    What did you get for Christmas?

    Been a while. Merry Christmas All. I tried to sneek this past the Wife; (Yamaha SRViper X-TX) Bought her a new sled also. SRViper STX 137 DX (Right); Great riding sleds. Just need to tweak the suspensions a bit, and I think I'm going to wind up throwing out the crappy skis on my X-TX. 2X4's would work better at this point!
  2. I thought that Oceanside used to have an indoor range...don't know if it's still around, or not. It's been a couple of decades since I went. Was off of Mission Road, North side, in an Industrial Park, I thought? Or, am I thinking of Vista, along 78?
  3. I thought that I remember something about an SF weapons cache that had been looted? Or was that in another time and another shat hole? By the time we get to "vote" for the next President, it won't matter to the average person what was found today, tomorrow, or next week. It'll be ancient history. This kind of information, needs to be hoarded until we get closer to the election, for maximum effect on the outcome. IMO.
  4. Dang Dude! How the hell does that work!? This "Reimburse" stuff you speak of! My wife, woulda turned that shat around on me and said: "WTH you spending that kind of money on a "flashlight" for!? You have special powers.
  5. Black7

    Members are missing.

    Don't worry. Maybe she doesn't "pack the gear"...if you know what I mean?!
  6. Black7

    Smoked bologna anybody

    Pan fried isn't bad either. But don't dry it out!
  7. Black7

    Messed with the wrong Mullah's goat......

    If true, I hope someone puts his head on a pike.
  8. Black7

    My Town

    I live in the woods. Many a weekend...I don't leave the property. It works better that way.
  9. Black7

    My Town

    Shat isn't going to get any better, I'm thinking.
  10. Yeah, I just read that on FB. You watch, the Navy will "hang" that Officer. When I first read the headline, I thought; "Yeah no shat! If the armory was open, there is going to be one person armed." Then I read where they are saying it's personal weapons. I was on I&I Duty. We took care of the Reservists, and got them trained and ready to go, if needed - which we did go (me too ). Where I was at, we always had something going on. Man, I was busy! Whoever told me that I&I Duty was skate...was FOS!
  11. Black7

    MKS/INLAND M1 Carbine

    Yes, yes...inquiring minds want to know.
  12. Black7

    MKS/INLAND M1 Carbine

    I wonder if they got a hold of the old Universal tooling? I have a new Universal M1 Carbine. Very finicky. Will only cycle properly with the more expensive ammo. Go figure. I think I paid 75.00 for it about thirty years ago, I still think I paid too much for the fickle, little Beotch.
  13. Black7

    PSA AR-10 Questions

    Got out for a quick function check today. It's "sticky". Failure to feed, drop the mag, eject...reinsert, bolt release and sometimes it'll chamber, sometimes it won't. Cannot figure out if it's the PMag putting friction on the underside of the Bolt Carrier, or maybe the extractor is not letting the cartridge rim seat onto the bolt face. It's real close to coming into battery, but not quite. The forward assist doesn't not send the BCG to battery. So, I'm thinking it may be the extractor is stiff. The brass does have some scuffs on it, back there. I also had some brass shavings around the bolt face and lugs. Groups were loose. I was in the high-sitting position (I got a bit bigger belly these days). With the leaves out (I do most of my shooting in the Fall), I could not use my bench inside my deer blind, like I usually do. Federal Ball ammo. Anyway, it is also launching the brass to 1 O'clock, so, I'm thinking it's over-gassed and am wondering if I should get an adjustable gas block, or dink around with springs and buffers? Both Upper and Lower are PSA items. I had foam ear plugs in and the 16" barrel didn't seem too bad at all, for noise level. The trigger is actually pretty good, compared to my frankengun 5.56 and the PSA lower on my 6.8 - all are MilSpec triggers. I started my very first press (shot), and surprised myself with what I would have called an "early" trigger break. It actually reminds me of my military rifle range time where the M16A2 trigger had three distinct trigger pulls. "Soft", a "Medium" and "Hard". Or so it seemed back then.
  14. Black7

    21 questions. How many can you get right?

    See!? Like I was saying, I think it's FOS! I didn't think I got them all correct. Probably sending a virus through while your answering questions.