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  1. Looking to buy MILSPEC STOCK & CHARGING HANDLE to finish off a build
  2. They're great for the first 30,000 miles after that they start to wear uneven and I rotated every oil change. they get very slick in the rain as they get older. I switched over to Falken wildpeak AT3 is hands-down the best tire I've ever owned quiet great tread life excellent Traction in the rain snow and sand decent in mud. And the price point you can't beat it
  3. brand new never used to shoot, went with a different optics setup. asking $125 buyer pays shipping, i have venmo and pay pal
  4. I have a brand new rifle Dynamics stock adapter that will allow you to put an AR stock and any buffer tube of your choice on an AK. It's brand new never used I decided to go a different route with my AK https://www.rifledynamics.com/product-page/ak-to-m4-stock-adapter Asking 40 bucks plus shipping which should not cost more than 2 bucks. I accept venmo or PayPal. I paid 65 brand new for it my loss is your gain
  5. Hey good people I ordered a few things off of primary arms and I got these coupons after my order via email which I do not need so if anybody needs them feel free to use them.
  6. I've been eyeing the vr80 since Shot Show it's been getting nothing but great reviews and I've always wanted a semi-auto shotgun I guess now is the time. The price was too hard to pass up 549 out the door was just under 600 with tax and background check. Can't wait to shoot this bad boy range report coming soon. What I do like so far it came with flip up sights if you don't like the fixed stock on it you can remove it and put an AR stock of your choice on it. It came with two 5 round magazines I did order a 9 round magazine.
  7. I own a Adams Arms 7.5 pdw thousands of rounds through it not one issue maybe time to part with that upper then. I didn't see this one coming but in all honesty if you really want to Tru piston AR style rifle primary weapon systems is the way to go a lot better than Adams Arms.
  8. It's definitely a great time in Florida. Me and my buddy are all Pilots we flew down there back in 2003 and had a fantastic time. We flew down in two Cessna 182's it took a while but it was definitely fun
  9. My condolences to him and his family such a shame way too young to go
  10. I keep saying it will be the last one I build unless a good deal comes by and well. Got a smoking deal on this complete Aero Precision set $200 out the door free background check. For the barrel I used a ballistic Advantage 16” 556 BA Hanson MidLength AR15 Barrel w/ Lo Pro - Performance Series gas block already pinned sweet, got it from spicetac.com great dude veteran owned company see the picture and thank you note the guy sent along with the barrel. https://www.spicetac.com/ballistic-advantage-16-556-ba-hanson-midlength-ar15-barrel-w-lo-pro-performance-series/ . For the BCG already had tool-craft full auto BCG, and for the trigger group used a BMC PNT trigger I already had, and for the stock l only run Vltor Mod Stocks I really like them a loy. For the charging handle went with the Raptor ambi & for sights went with Samson flip up sights great quality. Going to go go with a Aimpoint red dot sight & Precision Armament EFAB Hybrid Muzzle break to complete the build when I get extra cash. This is is very light build can't wait to shoot it.
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