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  1. Sunk99

    New M&P15

    I almost bought these - thanks for the recommendation. I was also about to buy their hand guard. Then my darn Sears snowblower died. I know - what does that have to do with the price of beans in China. I promised myself I wouldn't compromise again on tools. I would only buy the best as it always comes back to bite me. That cheap snowblower, over time, cost more than a great one. That got me to thinking about this gun. I bought it for family protection. Actually, I'm worried the second amendment is about to get blasted. I haven't owned or fired a gun since I was a teenager forty years ago. But I do support gun ownership and when I fear someone plans to take that right away that is the tell tale that I need to exercise that right. And so I build a small arsenal. Off the soap box - I bought the Troy Di-Optic sights. Troy Rear Sights I also bought a EoTech halo sight as the main sight. Wallet is burning. The other other addition left is a strobe light/laser combo. Then it's practice practice and stockpile ammo. Should be fun to reload again. Also got a shotgun and .45 pistol.
  2. Sunk99

    New M&P15

    I just bought the exact same rifle as rrasco. Really wanted one with a railed hand guard and metal sights, but those are are selling for more than it cost to buy the base model and add them. I was going with the short 7" floating rail version from Troy: Troy MRF-C 7" Rail Hand guard Not sure which folding iron sights to get as yet. Any recommendations with a reasonable price? Troy's $200 each is crazy high to me. My biggest thing now is getting ammo. I bought a 1000 rds, but it was expensive. Plan to reload my own from here. I'll post my questions for that in the reloading forum.