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  1. Okay that link works :thumb: but how can i get the pic to show up in the post instead of link?
  2. Ok lets try this http://24.media.tumblr.com/523a0e44c679feb...0hh1o1_1280.jpg
  3. Im so excited i finally got my Bipod that i have to put a pic of it. Don't pay any attention to the crappy optics on there at the moment, in the process of looking for a new one and getting ready to order a new stock tonight! http://www.tumblr.com/dashboard# I dont know if i posted that pic. right. If not can someone tell me how to correctly post a pic thanks!
  4. Now I've never mounted a scope before, but this doesn't seem hard to do at all or should I bring it to my local gun store n have them mount it?
  5. Can you tell me what the nikoplex is, I mean i understand the BDC gives me the hash marks in the scope to adjust my shot, but what is "Nikoplex"
  6. Hey not sure if this is the right place if not sorry, I'm still new here so and figured this might fall into the newbe group. Thanks Okay so now i need to figure out which Nikon M-308 to get.. Should i get the Nikoplex or the one with BDC 800? http://www.nikonhunting.com/products/rifle...SF_BDC_800/8495 http://www.nikonhunting.com/products/rifle...F_Nikoplex/8494 what would be my benefits to each?
  7. I just ordered 3 of those, hope the back order does not take forever!
  8. Im bringing it back and going to get this scope i think. Any thought on it? I have feeling I will happier with something like this and could take the extra 500 n buy some ammo more lol http://www.nikonhunting.com/products/rifle...F_Nikoplex/8494
  9. Hey Im having a hard time finding any .308 ammo for my dpms AR. Any suggestions where i can find some that is 1.50 or 1.25 a round? Thanks!
  10. The only place I've found is through dpms and they are 45 each, I was hoping there was something better out there?
  11. I have a dmps .308 and I'm having trouble finding some good mag for it, would like to 20 round clips, anyone know where online I can find some at? Ohhhh and what about any .308 ammo that doesn't cost 1.00 1.25 a round??
  12. Okay so after talking to the guy at the store again, he does not have the .308 version of the Scope, so I have a decision to make as to give him back to him and get a refund or to use the .223. I live in a small town and have traveled out 200 miles today find scopes and everyone is out of anything related to AR-15, So I can deal with the not being able to use the bullet drop but will the eye relief mess me up when shooting? I would trade it in and find another scope but there is nothing around here and i want to shot now? So need some more advice. :flea:
  13. I ask the guy at the store if it was good for a .308 n he said yes, so tomorrow morning when I shot this thing if its not worth a flip ill be making some phone calls and might be making them before I even shot it, cause with the money i paid for it, I have high expections for it and your saying after I zero it in that it won't be worth a flip if I have to make a shot further
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