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  1. mattd65636

    New ride

  2. mattd65636

    Snow in Dixie!

    We also got some snow yesterday, and I'm several hours below you Bamashooter. We didn't sell out at Walmart, but the propane man said he was suddenly real busy.
  3. mattd65636

    My New Colt M4A1 SOCOM

  4. mattd65636

    Midway can kiss my...

    I have waited over a year for a back order. I tried to cancel the order and suddenly the shipment was being delivered next week.
  5. mattd65636

    Security systems

    I have a DIY alarm that runs off landline and Cell. I also have cameras that send a short video to my email.
  6. mattd65636

    Mass shooting in California

    The eyewitness said "it looked like a 40".
  7. mattd65636

    Hey gshayd

  8. mattd65636

    Make 6.5CM from .243WIN?

    The longer bullets are the the big thing. All of the bullets is use like a big jump, so I'm good to go.
  9. mattd65636

    Hey youngod

  10. mattd65636

    Make 6.5CM from .243WIN?

    I haven't heard of anyone making it with 243. I have made 260 Remington with 243, that's one of the reasons for me going the 260 route.
  11. mattd65636

    Hey Direwolf

  12. mattd65636

    Hey Gmountain

  13. mattd65636

    Gear Thread/Picture Thread?

  14. mattd65636

    New job

    Good luck
  15. mattd65636


    We should be getting it in a few hours.