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  1. md65636


    In my hometown I can guarantee the yoga group would not be sexy. It would be full of Mama June and Big Mamma types in yoga pants.
  2. md65636


    I did the videos for the same reason.
  3. md65636


    I tried it for a week. I was told it was good for my back, but I spent a week trying to recover from it. I was hopeful someone would start a local yoga class; I figured I could get my 30 minutes of cardio by watching.
  4. md65636

    Springfield Armory RO Elite in 10mm

    Looks good. I really dig the grips.
  5. md65636

    I want one

    I have been looking at the night vision for a few weeks. I tend to have bad luck with electronics like that.
  6. md65636

    Thinning out my collection

    I like number 68 Gewehr 43 sniper rifle. I believe my wife would kill me if I bid on it.
  7. md65636

    Torch fix

    Nice. I do stuff like that all the time. My wife made me get a box for all my tools. Apparently, it was a no no to keep screwdrivers on the table beside the recliner.
  8. md65636

    Three Surgeons

  9. md65636

    Help me spend my first social security check!

    My vote is for the Mossy. Although, I like the Thompson Center LRR with the 5R barrel.
  10. md65636

    Friend's Property

    Glad y'all got a hog.
  11. md65636

    Got the call today...

    Congratulations. No going back after this.
  12. md65636

    New Benchmade Adamas On The Way!

    I almost bought one a few weeks, it's a big pocket knife.
  13. md65636

    My Wife's Third Novel!

  14. md65636

    Freak I HATE DEATH..........

    Sorry for your loss.