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  1. I made a small copy of my trust that I carry in a watertight pouch. Each copied page has two pages on the front and two on the back.
  2. I recently had a college professor say white men should not complain because they are 10 times more likely to get another job. The guy was teaching an HR class, I always wondered if his grading was applied equally.
  3. Same here, heat has been on the last two days.
  4. Those shots get me every time. For the first three days my leg is numb and I can't bend at the waist. After that, I feel good and go out and overdo it.
  5. My mother said I carried one in a lather holster everyday.
  6. I thought about it. It's a double side with glass doors, open to our living room and a formal living room. I would have to brick it up for an insert. I also have bad allergies and not sure I want all the dust.
  7. About a week with my fireplace. Apparently it was just a show piece as I can go through 4 wheelbarrow loads a night. Luckily I get a good price on propane for my gas furnace. I might go heat pump with gas infered heater next time I replace the ac unit.
  8. md65636


  9. Personally, I wish the nurses would come out and tell the truth. I know for a fact that nurses are being shuffled back and forth between covid and non-covid units without going through a quarantine. I keep telling them that they could file it under whistleblower protection laws. How about doctors having arguments in the middle of the hospital about a "covid negative" patient, with every symptom of covid, being put on an ICU floor with non-covid patients. Guess what the non-covid ICU become in less than two weeks. I can't say about other hospitals, but this hospital is a large regional hospital with many beds.
  10. I like my chili with beans. Otherwise, it's a meat sauce.
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