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  1. md65636

    Dayum Post Office

    I had two a week apart. The first package arrived 5 day late and was only an hour from the house.
  2. md65636

    Went to a new Doc today

    I don't have the free time for a 2 hour round trip much less a 24 hour. I might retire someday and see the world.
  3. md65636

    Went to a new Doc today

    It would take 12+ hour roadtrip to find out.
  4. md65636

    Went to a new Doc today

    I hated that they sold out, but I will still stop and eat.
  5. md65636

    Went to a new Doc today

    We have slowed it down in the last few months, as we had started to losing muscle mass. My blood pressure was good and now it is excellent. We usually run our blood glucose levels between 80 and 100.
  6. md65636

    Went to a new Doc today

    Low carb and intermittent fasting has helped out a lot. I have lost nearly 75 lbs in a little over 10 months.
  7. md65636

    New ride.

    My truck get 11-12 empty and 7-8 loaded. I keep thinking about a new vehicle, but I sure hate to have a truck payment.
  8. md65636

    Hey Longhair

  9. md65636

    Well I am getting ready

    A cheap Stack on safe with insulation works great. Add a couple of spot lights in the bottom and it gets to the right temp after an hour or so. The good part is it's portable and only needs 110v.
  10. md65636

    Hey Flesh Wound

  11. md65636

    CMR 30

    Looks good
  12. Your right Retcop. That's two people recommending a break in the last 24 hours. This was my week off between classes, so I kinda have a break. I was working on homework for next week when my wife told me I needed a break. I guess we will go to the movies Monday for a quick getaway.
  13. I work more hours than I care to mention. If I'm not working then I'm usually studying.
  14. md65636

    An Idiot Gun Owner

    I like that idea Towtruck. For the record, I will rethink shooting other peoples CCW.