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  1. I have another one to do some homework on. Something that interests me on the Sig is the low back pressure. A lot of the gas is pushed out of the front port vs back into the rifle.
  2. Any problems with the qd mounts?
  3. I have been kicking the tires on buying a new supressor. The supressor will be moving around on 308, 260 Remington, 7.62x39, and 5.56. I have been debating on building a 300 Blackout, so that should be included. I had originally intended on buying a Sig Sauer sr 762 qd, but Sig has discontinued the line. The new line is scheduled to hit the market in the next few months. Unfortunately, information seems to be limited on the new cans. What I like about the Sig is the taper-lok mount. I made a list of contenders but would like some feedback from the Armory. The short list Sig Sauer SLX or SLH 7.62qd Dead Air Sandman S Silencerco Hybrid 46 Silencerco Omega 300 AAC SR-7
  4. md65636


    I guess I be going under a third quarantine. I get poison oak bad and it's all over my legs. We have one urgent care that was not listed as a Covid testing sight, so that is the one I will go to for a shot. The place has 5 people in line when the doors open. We all sighn in and wait for the receptionist to give out paperwork. As I am waiting my turn, the first two are told that we don't have a rapid test, just a 3 to 5 day test. The 5 people start comparing their symptoms as all were getting Covid tested. I decided to leave as we were all sitting in the same waiting room. Why the hell would you allow them to sit in a waiting room, should have left them in a vehicle until they were ready for them.
  5. md65636


    Congratulations. I have been around several Covid positive people, they had cold symptoms or nothing at all. I have done the quarantine thing twice without any symptoms. The health department found out my phone number and asked my to stay home for the week. Everyone at work was in the same boat, so we just kept working. I refused to give them my email address for the *information email" they wanted to send out.
  6. I have been debating on a Silencerco Hybrid 46.
  7. I like the belly on that knife.
  8. They told us the same thing on treated wood.
  9. The 3 tab shingles are called architectural shingles. Most of the roofing crews tell me the cost of a metal roof is not much different from a shingle roof. The reason being, the time and labor involved in shingles. A friend of mine does repair work for a big company, and will run a roofing crew during the busy season. He told me his shingle crew usually consist of 5 to 6 workers, and the metal crew usually no more the 3 workers. I watched him and a helper put metal on a gable roof before lunch. He told me the big expense was the 1x4 furring and underlayment. He said a lot of the time homeowners don't want furring or underlayment.
  10. I see a restructuring as a good thing for the company. It gives them a chance to build quality firearms.
  11. That's my luck. Our roof and 2 ac units are fine, but we are saving for all of them.
  12. Unfortunately I don't have the same options in my area. We have 3 stores that carry plumbing supplies and you can't find 4 3/4 in pvc 90s between them. I say that because that happened this week. How the hell does a plumbing store run out 3/4 in pvc fittings. This is the reason I buy online or make a two hour round trip to another town.
  13. I have one with Amazon. I ordered 2 day prime over a week ago. The item stated in North Carolina, then South Carolina, and suddenly it's shipped to New Jersey. So now it will be next week before it comes in. Looking like 14 days for a 2 day prime.
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