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  1. md65636

    I started sneezing just watching this...

    Everything is yellow as I'm surrounded by pines and oaks. I live on allergy medication and allergy shots.
  2. md65636

    So you think you are bored at home

    I did that for years as a bachelor. I try to convince my wife of that as a mountain of containers slide out of the freezer.
  3. I hope they enjoy my moving about as I am listed as essential.
  4. md65636

    Got grips!

    Nice job so far.
  5. md65636

    Hey alpo

  6. md65636

    ROAD TRIP!!!

    Have a safe trip. Getting food on the road has been fun, should be easier in a regular vehicle.
  7. md65636

    Fresh Meat Shortages

    My family and others are all holding onto our cows as the market is down to nothing. Unfortunately, the price at the stockyards and grocery stores have been off for a long time. I seen a local add for nearly $5 a lb for hamburger.
  8. md65636

    New to the AR15 world.

    Welcome aboard
  9. md65636

    And tyranny has arrived!

    Alabama is doing the non-essential rule. We are listed as essential, but it would have been a hell of a fight to shut us down.
  10. md65636

    One upside for me to being stuck at home.

    I'm working my a** off as we are swamped at work. I was hoping for a short day at work on Saturday, but nope, another long day. We have to get it while we can.
  11. md65636

    Laying low

    Prayers for your family.
  12. md65636

    Oregon + Other Governors EOs to "Stay at Home"

    I think they consider CBD to be the cure for all problems.
  13. md65636

    It’s starting to go full retard around here.

    I have a family member who is an RN also. Our business is currently super busy, but that could change tomorrow. If we are forced to stop working it would be the same as putting all the money the business makes and spends for the year in a pile and setting it on fire. We have 8 to 10 weeks to sell our product for the whole year. The rest of the year is us getting the product ready as it has a very short shelf life.
  14. md65636

    Interactive CoVid-19 Infection Map

    I have two family members in the medical field that have been exposed. They currently have patients with the virus and waiting on results. They have had several die with the virus, but the hospital refused to test because they are dead. The hospital told they they will get the virus and keep monitoring for the symptoms. The hospital refused to give or allow them to use ppe. The bad part is, the hospital told them to keep coming to work, if they stayed home they would be fired.
  15. md65636

    It’s starting to go full retard around here.

    I traveled all week in Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida; everybody was doing the spring break thing. The interstates and stores were crowded, but a lot of people had mask and gloves. My truck doesn't fit in drive throughs so I spent the whole week eating out of convenience stores.