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  1. md65636


  2. https://www.cutshallfuneralhome.com/obituary/alfred-poquette-jr Al passed away Friday night. We have lost a lot of good friends this year and this one has been tough. RIP Brother.
  3. Never take out more student loans then you can make in the first year out of college. The exception would be doctors, lawyers, and others in the same type of field. For the latter group, don't buy a luxury car just out of college if you have that student loan debt. Remember, those friends with the 4 year degree are ahead of you in building for retirement.
  4. I have a PWS T3 tension barrel on a 10/22. I used it as a lightweight hunting rifle. I liked it so much that I put heavy stock on it and use it for precision stuff. The PWS is built on a GM blank and was used on the PWS Summit rifles. Now, Volquarsten is building the Summit rifle.
  5. I have really become a fan of GM barrels in 22 lr.
  6. Congratulations on the new baby and house.
  7. My driveway is 3/10 of a mile long, no trespassing signs, and an automatic gate. I left my gate open as my wife was going to be a few minutes behind me. I had a police officer and his live-in show up in his personal vehicle "looking for his animals". He drove around my house to the shop. I didn't recognize the vehicle, so I walked out with a pistol. I reminded him about trespassing in a rural area. I told him I had a family on this hill and would gladly have him fired for trespassing. I later found out that they wanted to see what our place looked like because you can't see it from the road.
  8. md65636

    Hey Y'all

    Welcome aboard!
  9. Good info. I have wanted to check out AA Tactical in Crestview. Unfortunately, I am always in too big of a hurry with work to stop by.
  10. I have been dealing with the BS Internet for over a year. Currently, we pay for 10mbps download speed, the best we can get in our area. Most days, we are maxing out at 1.5mbps. The provider says we have too many people in our area. I told them that they like free government vouchers for the kids to do online school. All they do is stream video all day.
  11. md65636

    Hey Joel74

    You are welcome. It would not be fair if you had to make your own birthday wishes.
  12. md65636

    Hey Joel74

    Happy Birthday
  13. Might be time for a few inexpensive cameras.
  14. We had some tornado warnings, but missed the big stuff. My old hometown got hit very hard.
  15. We have had 5in in 11 days last week. Now they are telling us another 4 this weekend. I can't hardly keep up with the grass as it is.
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