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  1. md65636

    Serious Texas BBQ

    Looks good
  2. md65636

    If you had about $100 or so.....

    I would put it in savings.
  3. md65636


    Some of the best prices I have found come from Ford. If I found a lower price than Ford has matched the price. The downside is Ford does not offer free rotation.
  4. md65636

    My climate confession

    I just finished an Ecology class and was forced to lie my way through the class. I "apparantly" am a mostly organic vegetarian who doesn't use plastic straws. I hope the other students were telling lies or we have a large group of nutcases that will be coming after meat eaters. The students made me think of AOC and her ideas on climate.
  5. md65636

    Next up water heater replacement.

    Sounds like you got good service out of your water heater. I have been thinking about swapping out 2 hot water heaters in the house we have under contract. One water heater is 14 and the other is 16 years old. One unit has a pan and the other needs a pan and drain. Both of the units look good so I may just change the anode and let them go.
  6. md65636

    Anything Colt Post Here

    I have felt the same way about Colt for several years.
  7. md65636

    Talk to me about home security systems.

    Yes, contract service can render the control panel inoperable. I must have missed something on the not wanting to have the system monitored by a central station. I am not sure about Simplisafe and how they handle a system with no monitoring.
  8. md65636

    Talk to me about home security systems.

    That is good to know.
  9. md65636

    The wife gave me permission to spend money

    It helps with peace of mind. Don't forget to give your insurance company the montering certificate for a discount.
  10. md65636

    Talk to me about home security systems.

    We get calls for my wife's grandmother all the time. She forgets that the system is on and proceeds to go out and check her flowers.
  11. md65636

    Talk to me about home security systems.

    Sounds like you got it covered. I am not a fan of window sensors as who is going to take time and check for open windows. Motions sensors are the way to go. I do like sensors one the doors, but you can do it later. The key fobs can be plugged into a computer and new devices enrolled before installing the new device. Some other items I like are smoke and water detectors.
  12. md65636

    Talk to me about home security systems.

    The motions sensors work, and have options for pet immunity. Cross zoning is always a good idea when it comes to security systems. All this talk has got me working on a plan if we get the new place. My wife is having a fit over me making the system a hybrid for wired and wireless. The price is getting very high, and she gave me a small budget.
  13. md65636

    Talk to me about home security systems.

    I have played around with some older glass break sensors and had problems with false alarms. Do some research before you commit them, hopefully they have gotten better. You do have other options such as 2Gig, Geoarm, and alarms.com.
  14. md65636

    Talk to me about home security systems.

    A cellular jammer could stop the system from dialing out. A lot of systems can employ a duel-path or a tri-path communicator for reporting. A communicator has options for landline (pots), voip, cellular, and internet. A lot of systems are using a rolling code system that changes the code sent from the transmitter to the receiver. Personally, I don't put up yard signs and advertise what type system I have, or that I have one. I also limit the amount of smart devices, like wifi thermostats, that are connected to my home wifi.
  15. md65636

    Talk to me about home security systems.

    I have installed several Simplisafe systems, good system for the money. We are looking at a place that is hardwired, so it looks like we will do a takeover with another company. We would do another Simplisafe systems if it wasn't hardwired.