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  1. md65636

    Zephyr's Tool News

  2. md65636

    Teslong Bore Scope

    Nice, I will have to order one someday. My wife has been using my gun money for stuff around the house. I knew I shouldn't have put her on that checking account.
  3. md65636

    Pants poll!!!

    Wranglers. I can ruin clothes in no time. The last new pair I got made it 27 minutes on its maiden voyage and I ripped the leg.
  4. md65636

    I. HATE. Remodeling.

    Getting ready to paint a house and then move in. I feel your pain.
  5. md65636

    Keto Lifestyle/ sort of diet.......

    I just got my life insurance blood test results. My a1c is 5, and I have been out of keto for months. My wife had a blood test before keto and she had a lot of elevated levels. After keto we are both in the normal range on everything.
  6. md65636

    Keto Lifestyle/ sort of diet.......

    I was amazed at how sensitive I was to sugar and starches. I monitored my glucose levels after eating and found out what had the largest affect on my insulin levels. I don't have diabetes but my insulin levels would spike with sugar. Besides doing keto, we are also doing intermittent fasting. We only eat during an eight hour period and it helped out a lot.
  7. md65636

    Keto Lifestyle/ sort of diet.......

    My wife and I did it over a year. We are still on a modified version with a few more carbs. We are holding steady with our weight.
  8. md65636

    Mexican Street Tacos

    Sounds good
  9. md65636

    I'm done with Chinese footwear.

  10. md65636

    One of our members has passed away

    Prayers sent for the family.
  11. md65636

    Serious Texas BBQ

    Looks good
  12. md65636

    If you had about $100 or so.....

    I would put it in savings.
  13. md65636


    Some of the best prices I have found come from Ford. If I found a lower price than Ford has matched the price. The downside is Ford does not offer free rotation.