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  1. He's out $50. Gonna have to get a job when his parents find out he lost his ride.
  2. md65636

    Hey md65636

    Do you need the address to my FFL? I'll pay the shipping .
  3. md65636

    Hey md65636

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!
  4. That always worries me as one of our trucks has a long body on a short wheelbase. I often go the long way around if I know the turn is tight.
  5. I had a hard time getting my star. Because my DMV is inept, I brought bills, tax returns, birth certificates, and anything else I could get my hands on. The lady jumped my butt about the amounts on my bills having been covered up. I told her how much I payed for power was not her business. She kept saying that my bills were unacceptable. She asked if I had copy of my tax return. I pulled out my tax return and handed it over. She said it was unacceptable because all the amounts had permanent marker on it. I come unglued and told her how much I made was none of her f****ing business. The lady next to her told her to scan the papers and give me my ID.
  6. Anyone else having problems with the video?
  7. Keep on the lookout for a sale. I picked up a Wilton WS8 for under $150 dollars shipped from Northern Tools.
  8. I love my Spartan mower, but I just don't have this particular model
  9. Kids in our area complain about the bus ac being out.
  10. Nice score. I have spent many hours working on one just like that. My father has one he purchased back in the 70s when building his house. I laughed when some unsuspecting person goes to move it. They usually say "damn, that's heavier than I thought."
  11. md65636

    Hey alpo

    Happy Birthday Alpo
  12. Cookshack builds some nice cookers. Every electric smoker I have owned eventually had problems with corrosion on the heating elements. I had an eye out for an FEC 120 for years, until they got stupid expensive. I am currently looking at getting another patio grill/smoker. I like the Assassin grill or a custom build from Shirley Fabrication. The Assassin is a lot thinner, and a faster turnaround. The Shiley is way more expensive and some reviews say it could take a long time to get. http://www.assassin-smokers.com/charcoal-grills/ https://www.shirleyfabrication.com/
  13. Yep, he had a good bolt of lightning discharge through his head. A friend and I got caught in the middle of the river during a lightning storm. We laid flat, side by side, in the bottom of the 16ft bass boat and prayed we didn't die in what could have been an embarrassing moment.
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