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  1. md65636

    Dash Cams

    We picked up a $50 one on Amazon that got good reviews. It's almost two years old and still going strong. The one we have mounts on the rear view and can be hardwired into the car. That model doesn't meet your requirements. My wife drives 2 hours to work each day and will probably save us someday. About a month after she got it a motorcycle ran into a truck that was turning. The motorcycle driver blamed it on the truck. My wife played the video for the trooper and he recorded it on his phone. The couple were much appreciated for her having the camera. The even gave us a discount on our home inspection when we purchased our house. On a side note, I was impressed with his inspection. He spent over half the day checking things out.
  2. Nice to hear from you again.
  3. My wife's boss has kids in Houston in the same boat, no water and power is in and out.
  4. Glad you are back Joel.
  5. Is the representative a sociology major? I believe that would explain it all.
  6. I have it in both feet and can spend up to 16 hours a day on my feet. I have the custom orthotic and buy new shoes every 3 or 4 months. I find stretching and using a pressure point foot rollers help out at the end of the day. The foot doctor told me to buy some special boots to use while I'm sleeping. I only use them when it gets bad. I will have to check out the impact massager you are talking about.
  7. I hate the new cans. I have started doubling the amount of paint needed with 4+ coats of paint. The best I have used lately is Krylon Cover Maxx. It's not the best but it seems to cover well.
  8. Good to hear from you Doc. Hope all is well with the family.
  9. One that utilizes a scientific laser. He can put me down for one as I am tired of the wife's expensive opener. It doesn't always cut completely and I am called in to finish the cut.
  10. We are the same age and we also don't have Facebook. This is the only social networking I do.
  11. Growing up, both times our home was broken into was several weeks after having carpet installed and a new roof. It is the reason I only let people I personally know in my home. I typically get to know all of the trades people before I let them in.
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