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    If I remember correctly the last server upgrade created some issues with Tapatalk. I don't recall TheWoodsmen getting it fixed.
  2. I feel it every morning when I roll out of bed. Sometimes I wonder if that was my knees popping and cracking or the wood floors.
  3. Thanks guys!
  4. I stopped going because I could purchase a wrap only for under $8. I missed a week and went back the next week and it was just under $12 for the same wrap.
  5. I would gladly pay $50 year round for natural gas. I have a natural gas line that runs in front of my drive, but nobody is allowed to connect as it feeds one business as a backup. We use about 600 to 700 gallons of propane per year, but we do get a nice price break.
  6. It's nice until you get the heat and humidity. As Neil once said, you sweat just walking to your truck. As far as HVAC in the main house, I run a Trane central unit with a slab evaporator with my gas furnace acting as the blower for the AC unit. The in-law suite has a heat pump with heat strips. My next setup will be a duel fuel heat pump. You can see the difference in my power bill when the heat strips are running.
  7. Once outdoors temps go below 40 then you need another source of heat. A few of the options include heat strips in the air handler or other location, or gas furnace. Adding a gas forced air furnace and using it as the air handler makes it a duel fuel system.
  8. I have done a lot of research and have been much impressed with Goodman.
  9. My grandfather was on the USS Hornet and got to see some of the takeoff.
  10. It's only upsetting if you don't know the actual color of the ceiling to match the touch up with. My ceilings are flat white, but what shade of flat white?
  11. My wife makes them with sausage and no spinach. I don't eat breakfast and wait until 10am to eat one. We make them in a mini muffin pan and freeze each one in plastic wrap. Toss one in the refrigerator the night before and it is good to go. It takes 30 seconds in the microwave. I usually eat them cold as I am not always near a microwave.
  12. Things have definitely not been the same. When I type in morning on my phone Al is the next word that pops up. I sure miss you brother.
  13. I actually enjoy mowing and love discussing designs even more. I for one am looking forward to the industry playing in the EV market. For the record, I am not a young hipster that is trying to save the climate. My current mowers has a 37EFI big block.
  14. Gravely has a 60in electric model. I have a neighbor that spent years designing lawn mowers, including E models, and I have been impressed by the torque. Like cars, the battery is the weak link.
  15. Last I looked $850 plus stamp. Seems like I paid just over $1100. The biggest cost are the mounts as I am up to 8 different ones.
  16. I'm running a Dead Air Sandman S.
  17. I have a neighbor that gets drunk and empties a mag at random hours of the night and morning. I sometimes get a drunk text warning me of his random range excursions. My only big concern for you ould be the neighbor lighting up his place. Unless he is like my neighbor I would say running someone off, or he had the same idea as you.
  18. 4k security cameras, back up generators, spray foam insulation, and a vault room are on my list of things to do. Apparently, we have more in common than just guns. I do have the automatic gate.
  19. Regular is $3.80. I'm paying nearly $5 for diesel when on the road.
  20. I'm a shareholder, perhaps the stock will go up. I picked it up to finish some accounts that had a few dollars left for the year. I thought the ticker name was interesting. I have no complaints with their Stealth ammo as of now. They also are the parent company of GunBroker.
  21. I keep fogging oil in anything that is stored for any length of time. I'm also big on Rotella T6 full synthetic oil and non-ethanol gas in small engines. After you get things moving just give it the works for mantience.
  22. How much slower can my rural service get? They already loose packages and deliver mail two months late.
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