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  1. Thunderstick223

    Jesse Ventura Owns Piers Morgan on Gun Control

    Here is a link to the full version:
  2. Thunderstick223

    Opinions Regarding Future Panic Buying?

    That's what we thougt about the possibility of Obama getting re-elected. That it wouldn't happen. Well it did because many gun owners still voted for him. Could her bill pass. It will happen if we allow it to. The time is now to contact your representatives and express your concerns. ALL gun owners need to take this very serious. If we give any ground they will take it, and take it and take it. Before we know it we will have lost that right.
  3. Thunderstick223

    Rock River Arms

    RRA is a good company and they make very good products. I have heard from some that they are 9-10 months backordered. Even if you got your rifle ordered, you may not get it until October 2013. Kris