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  1. I'm curious when the History channel is going to change their name.
  2. Sorry, I didn't see the "And why" part of the OP A year ago me and my wife decided to invest in a gun safe, so I started to do some research and start looking at safes. With safes t seems like the more you start researching the more confused you get. I ended up looking at all the big name USA manufactured safes. To make a long story short, I came across the name Johnson Safe out of Zionsville IN (near Indianapolis) After a bit of searching I found a number for him (he doesn't have a website) and I talked to him and got some prices. He was very reasonable. He works from his home and builds his safes out back, American made and American sourced parts. Once I started comparing apples to apples with comparable safes he was at least $500-$800 cheaper than anyone else's safes.
  3. I have not noticed any difference with my groups by using virgin brass vs fire formed brass. But, I am not trying to compete with bench rest guys either
  4. PM me your email address, I can't figure out how to post pics here
  5. My initial work up is with Federal brass. I'd like to tweak it for Winchester brass eventually, but at the same point, I might keep using what I know works. Federal brass seems to be fairly easy for me to find, so I might just stick with it. For my initial work up I tried CCI primers and Frderal Match primers, they both grouped the same. My rifle is a FN SPR My goto round has been the 168 SMK with Winchester brass being pushed by Varget. But I am going to try 4064 behind that bullet too and see how it shoots. If I get great results I might be trying to get rid of Varget or trade for 4064...
  6. I did not realize that, I thought Reseprocity in Illinois was a no-go for a Michigan resident.
  7. I'm not leaving til the 19th Just curious why stay away?
  8. I'll look at that That does look like it'll take a lot of time out of Illinois. If I need to go through that state I would prefer to do it on a single tank so I don't need to stop.
  9. I am from Michigan and am getting ready to head to Texas for training. I will be traveling with various handguns, AR's, Shotguns and of course enough ammo to feed them for 2 weeks with me and my wife. I am planning my route and the most direct route for me will be to take 57 south through Illinois. Or, would it be recommended that I stay out of that state? It will add 2 hours to my trip, but I can head south to Luisville KY, then start heading west from there. By going that route I would stay out of Illinois. What would you guys recommend?
  10. What brass are you using? I just came to love 4064, I am beginning to like it better than Varget. I found 42.8gr of 4064 produces groups like that in my rifle too. Supposedly FGMM's recipe is 42.7-42.8 of 4064
  11. I have a HF one like you have pictured, I like it a lot for cleaning gun parts. After a few cycles a BCG comes out looking like new, my 1911 comes out looking brand new. It was cheap , and I like it a lot. I use Hornadys gun parts cleaner. It smells like a orange
  12. The only good part about shooting in the winter is when spring comes and the snow melts, it's like Christmas all over again with all the brass on the range.
  13. This weekend I might have found myself a potential new and vavorite power. IMR 4064 I'd give that stuff a try. I have about 15 pounds of Varget to eat up, and am starting to wish I had that much 4064 on hand
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