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  1. alacatter

    From Feinsteins website

    We can't vote them out of office. "They" have turned the treasury into a slush fund for bribing the public. The dems are corrupt and relentless, the pubs are feckless and spineless. The true power in the US resides in the states, and was designed so. The only way to stop this, is for an intelligent articulate Govenor to stand up to congress and plainly say "no". Take one southern Govenor, let him grow a pair, and gov's all from the south, mid, and west would follow suit. The state congressmen would act like frat boys at a kegger jumping on board. Then you have a coalition. Nothing successionist or seditionist, just a plain defense of the 2nd, which all govenors take an oath to defend for us. This is the route the NRA is hopefully taking. Yes the Feds have the batf and the commerce clause on there side, but public outcry is a powerful tool. California can legalize pot, Kansas can abort a baby during delivery, surely my state can tell the Sen Feinstien and her "AWB" to take a hike. Yea, they'll threaten to pull some highway funds, or move some military bases, but that's coming anyway.
  2. alacatter

    R25 .243 question

    I had a rem 742 woodmaster that would slam fire the whole clip when dirty. Does that get me a pardon from the fire
  3. alacatter

    R25 .243 question

    Sorry, thought I put it in general. Took me forever just to find it again.
  4. alacatter

    R25 .243 question

    I am new to the AR rifle, but like so many I ran out and picked up what I could. I bought a remington r25 cal .243, my question is can I order just a .308 barrel from dpms and instal it to convert it to .308, or do I have to order the whole upper receiver? I would like to get the 24" sst bull barrel. Any help would be appreciated.