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  1. I just sold my Rockchucker and bought a RCBS Summit, heavy and pricey but I really like it
  2. The vast majority of my reloading is done on a Hornady progressive press If I am using my single stage press I am using the RCBS hand priming tool Mine has worked well for years without an issue I would not hesitate to buy another
  3. Can't pm you...... I have a 5" S&W 610. And need cash
  4. If you want to screw up a good hobby just try to make money at it
  5. Top right is my no dash 5". S&W 610
  6. It seems Harley owners thin Halloween is 365 days a year
  7. I just cannot stand Rhonda Rousey Perhaps a fight between her and Danica Patrick I would watch not a fan of either, let them beat each other senseless
  8. I have sold my Delta Elite and have the following nickle plated Winchester brass for sale. New 1050 cases $SOLD Once fired, this was purchased from Midway as once fired with the exception on less than 150 which I loaded new cases and fired them in my Delta Elite 1199 cases $SOLD In the pic, fired on the left unfired on the right, a few 50 round plastic cases included Buy it all and I will pay shipping
  9. Just a quick pic of mine..... No issues here
  10. If you are still looking for one http://castboolits.gunloads.com/showthread.php?t=170086
  11. I need some cash for family concerns and am selling some NIB guns I have. Here is a Delta Elite from the first run Colt made. The gun was purchased new from a shop when it seemed Colt was doomed. $1200 shipped
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