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  1. Decided to keep this one, so it's no longer available. I can't edit the original post....
  2. SOLD. I can't figure out how to edit the subject line but this gun is sold.
  3. It's cash and carry in Texas. I am not prohibited from selling to you in a private sale is what I have been told and what is supposedly in line with the last court ruling. Should be good to go as far as I know.
  4. Not selling ALL of it... just a few toys to fund some NV equipment. The wife won't let me buy the stuff I want without giving up a few toys... :tap:
  5. Reluctantly selling my HK45 Compact Tactical with Arsenal Democracy slide. This gun went straight from the factory to Arsenal Democracy who did the upgrades. Slide has been milled and balanced then cerakoted titanium gray. Arsenal Democracy is one of the top companies doing this type of work. Pistol also has Trijicon night sights. Factory threaded barrel (original to the gun) with thread protector Cost of a stock HK45 CT is $1299... And that's bone stock, with none of these upgrades. This pistol is a steal at this price of $1200. Comes with 2 elephant mags, original box, manual etc. and a soft case. Will ship to FFL if you're outside of TX on your dime. Located in Cypress, TX. (Northwest Houston area) Text 832-570-4673.
  6. Heckler and Koch 91. NOT a PTR. THIS IS A GENUINE HK91. Very clean HK91. .308/7.62x51 Date code IA (1980) Comes with: FACTORY bipod (these sell for $500 alone) 10 HK Factory 20 round Mags loaded with quality FMJ ammo (200 rounds) 1 HK Factory 5 round mag (great for bench shooting) Brand New Carrying Case. Extra HK buttstock with operating rod/spring OD in color. Price is $2,500 FIRM Cypress (Northwest Houston) area. Will ship to FFL at your expense. Text 832-570-4673
  7. Arresting the kid was pretty lame. We've just lost our collective minds as a country. This type of story is fairly common now. Sad. When I was a kid .... Never mind.... It was not the same country we have now. The good old days are gone. We've become a nation of PC pussies and adults with zero common sense.
  8. WWP CEO takes home a ton of cash too. I quit giving to them last year. Now I give to Hope For The Warriors and Impact a Hero
  9. I'm going to go way out on a limb here and suggest that whatever type of race can be best judged by looking at the areas in which they are the dominant race: Examples: China, dominant race is Asian Norway, dominant race is Caucasian Zimbabwe, dominat race is black Mexico, dominant race is Latino or Hispanic or whatever they call themselves these days. Conclusion: look at each country and deduce the advancement levels of each race.
  10. Pepper: all I mentioned was a law in Indiana. I did not make any comment about this specific incident. Thanks
  11. Texas does a blood test on the spit if they have a DUI task force unit on hand. Otherwise it's a breathalyzer. Refusal to blow is an automatic charge for DUI/DWI.
  12. I'm on a few but this is my favorite. I can't recall all of them over the years but the NSA has the list. : )
  13. Pepper: you keep pegging me as anti LEO. Allow me to shed some light: Each year I donate 1k to The 100 Club which provides for Houston police officers. I donated several hundred to a small dept that was raising funds for Active Shooter Training. I donate every year to K9's For Cops and also a fund that provides armor for K9's. I donated to Sheriff Finchs legal defense fund this morning as well. My best friend is a cop. I am NOT anti LEO. I am anti anything where rights are violated. Quit jumping to conclusions and making accusations. I WILL point out corruption, incompetence and violations of rights. BUT I am not anti LEO. I appreciate your posts but would really appreciate a little more open mindedness as to my opinions before being incorrectly labeled. Thanks
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