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  1. had a Kroger fuel rewards of $1 off. I paid $.73 a gallon for mine
  2. ive have tons of 380 but no use for 40. got anything else?
  3. Figured everyone knew what a magazine looked like. But give me til this afternoon so I can get off work and I'll have some up
  4. I went to an estate sale today and the estate owner was a gun collector so he had a few 1911 mags there for sale. I purchased each for $25 and one of them doesn't fit into my kimber the way I like it. It is a little on the tight side for my gun so I'm gonna try to sell it. It shows some signs of use but the follower operates flawlessly. I'm trying to sell it for $15 shipped. Price is pretty firm since I'm taking a loss and new mags generally cost 25 to 40 new. I don't know the maker either. It's not stamped on the bottom
  5. I want the glock 18c in the cup. He can keep the cup
  6. Welcome to the armory. Enjoy your stay here.
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