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  1. Mountaineer

    Labor Day plans

    I'm going to spend the day working on some vintage computers. There's a meeting in the middle of September in Springfield, OH and I'm going to prepare for my presentation and display.
  2. Mountaineer

    Babylon Bee

    Snopes is treating Babylon Bee differently than they treat The Onion: https://www.foxnews.com/media/babylon-bee-snopes-satire-content-gutfeld
  3. Mountaineer

    Possible Gmail Hack

    I had this happen with my AT&T account. About once a day I'd get a text about a new temporary PIN. I called AT&T and got forwarded to their security team. We spent about an hour going through everything trying to figure out what was causing the issue. There was no unauthorized activity and no unknown logins or access to my account. This went on for about two weeks and then I was poking around on my phone and happened to look at the AT&T Call Protect app I installed a few months before. That app was the one that was triggering the requests. It was trying to authenticate after I had changed some setting on my account.
  4. Mountaineer

    Another Project Bites the Dust

    Very nice!
  5. Mountaineer

    Rutger Hauer Has Died

    That was Christopher Walken.
  6. Mountaineer

    Rutger Hauer Has Died

    "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension" was a fun movie. Too bad it never got its sequel.
  7. Mountaineer

    Rutger Hauer Has Died

    Roy Batty's monologue from "Blade Runner" Rutger Hauer improvised that monologue. It really worked well.
  8. Mountaineer

    Doomed......America is Doomed......

    I read a thread on Facebook where someone posted the photo of the guy standing in front of the tanks in Tiananmen Square with the comment "July 4, 2019". A bunch of liberals jumped on saying they'd love to see someone do that and if they were in DC they'd stand in front of the tanks. Their hatred for Trump obscures everything.
  9. Mountaineer

    Some of you may not get this...

    Bear McCreary's version from the new "Battlestar Galactica" series is pretty good, too.
  10. Mountaineer

    Pittsburgh Here Comes Rampy............

    I was in Pittsburgh on business once and a group of us went there for lunch. I was severely disappointed. French fries are a side, not a topping. Other than that gimmick the sandwich was average at best.
  11. Mountaineer

    home security cameras

    I have a Ring Doorbell Pro, a Floodlight Cam, and two Spotlight Cams. The Doorbell Pro and Floodlight Cam are hardwired and the Spotlight Cams use batteries.
  12. Mountaineer

    Happy Tax Day!

    For the past few years I've always owed a lot. No idea why as my wife and I have 0 deductions on our W-4s. I guess not having kids and the downward side of a mortgage (just a couple of years left) hurts us.
  13. Mountaineer

    Sci Fi Anyone??

    Rendezvous with Rama was a classic. The sequels were written by Gentry Lee with some input from Clarke. I thought the sequels went off the rails. A recent trilogy I read that was good hard SF was "Remembrance of Earth's Past" by Liu Cixin. It definitely had some interesting concepts. The recently mentioned Lucifer's Hammer was good as most other Niven & Pournelle novels. I recently re-read Footfall and am planning to re-read The Mote in God's Eye and the sequels again.
  14. Mountaineer

    Sci Fi Anyone??

    Leslie Nielsen and “Forbidden Planet”
  15. Mountaineer

    Sci Fi Anyone??