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  1. I think they resemble the uniforms in the "Battlestar Galactica" remake:
  2. My best friend growing up lived in a house on the inside of a curve. Down the road about a mile was a bar. People would leave the bar and take the curve too fast or weren't paying attention and would hit the telephone pole. One night when I was over a Corvette hit the pole and broke in half.
  3. It should never have been allowed at the last minute. I'm sure there are plenty of people that were impacted by this. Can you imagine scheduling time off work to meet with a federal employee only to have that meeting canceled with less than 24 hours notice?
  4. https://uhsystem.edu/governmental-relations/tx-legislature/tx-budget-legislative-process/reading-bill/effective-dates/index.php
  5. I haven't read DC comics in a few years but Golden Age Green Lantern (Alan Scott) wasn't gay. They need to quit this crap with changing existing characters to fit a political agenda.
  6. My grandfather bought a hovering mower years ago. On the flat it wasn't too bad except the down-force would push the grass down and you'd get uneven cuts. On the hillside it was a pain to use. We ended up using the standard wheeled mower.
  7. The J&J vaccine is produced using PerC6 cells, and the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were tested using HEK293 cells in the early stages. All of them used cell lines that came from aborted fetuses.
  8. The half-man/half-motorcycle character is an a-hole, too.
  9. I'm still trying to figure out the meaning behind them picking a female singer that can't sing very well.
  10. And speaking of woke liberal garbage and superheroes, I read an article today that said Warner/DC is going to drop Henry Cavill and cast a black actor as Superman.
  11. If your email server used the Barracuda Networks RBL then depending on the weight assigned to that RBL the email would have blocked.
  12. One thing that needs to be addressed is the inability of Oncor to do rolling blackouts correctly. A few years ago they rolled out smart meters to everyone and one of the things they used to justify the cost was the ability to turn on and off power at each location easily in emergencies. They didn't bother doing that at all. Instead we had broad outages and most of them weren't rolling blackouts. The only time I've heard of them using the ability to turn the power on and off at the smart meter was when people weren't paying their bills.
  13. I canceled Disney+ last week and for the reason I mentioned the hypocrisy of firing Gina Carano for what she said (thus proving what she said was true) but keeping Pedro Pascal for saying lies that were much worse.
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