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  1. Mountaineer

    Glad to see The Armory back.

    Discord is a communications platform that allows text, audio, and video. You create a Discord server and under that you can create channels for different topics. You have have private and public servers. For private servers you can issue invites. I subscribe to several Discord channels for vintage computers as well as one for Ubiquiti network products and LibreNMS monitoring software.
  2. Mountaineer

    Like Stand Up Comedy ? Mourn Its PC Death ?

    I plan on watching some this evening after woork.
  3. Mountaineer

    Like Stand Up Comedy ? Mourn Its PC Death ?

    I haven't viewed any of them yet, I was commenting about what I've found lacking in a lot of modern standup. I have no problem with jokes about conservatives and conservative issues, my problem is the comedians that come out and say things like "Trump is an ass and he's ruining the country" or "people that don't support open borders are idiots" as their only material. Those aren't jokes, those are opinions.
  4. Mountaineer

    Like Stand Up Comedy ? Mourn Its PC Death ?

    I've really been tired of the comedians that have complaining about conservatives and conservative issues as a large part of their routine. Nothing humorous, just comments. And the idiots in the audience laugh like the person has said something funny.
  5. Mountaineer

    Glad to see The Armory back.

    I could set up a Discord server if people want one.
  6. Mountaineer

    State just shut my office down!

    My company has had everyone working from home starting this past Monday. Only essential personnel that are needed onsite are to go in to the office.
  7. This hits the issue right on the head.
  8. Mountaineer

    Hey Mountaineer

    Thanks, everyone!
  9. Mountaineer


    Weather permitting I normally wear Hawaiian shirts when not at work. Other than that loose-fitting polo shirts or loose-fitting t-shirts. At work I either wear button-up short-sleeve shirts or polo shirts.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rm6gjQBwPFM
  11. Mountaineer

    Bye Bye Gallbladder.... INPUT PLEASE

    I had mine out several years ago. I wasn't experiencing any issues but I was having my spleen checked to see if it was being affected by my p. vera and tech found it on the ultrasound. So I got a referral to a surgeon. He asked me questions about symptoms. I was negative. He then did this odd twisting poke in my gut and I nearly doubled over with pain. He said that was a pretty good indicator that it should be removed. I haven't experienced any issues after having it removed.
  12. Mountaineer

    Pants poll!!!

    I've been wearing Lees for the last few years. I dropped Levis because they quit making the style that fit me. Now Levis are out completely because they are anti-2A.
  13. Mountaineer

    Keto Lifestyle/ sort of diet.......

    I had been talking to FW about the diet for a while. I then got a CGM and seeing how the foods I was eating affected my blood glucose levels convinced me to give keto a try after just one day. Since then my blood glucose has been fairly level. Sure I miss some of the foods but I've dropped two of my meds and next month when I go to the endo for my quarterly appointment I'm hoping to drop the other two.
  14. Mountaineer

    Keto Lifestyle/ sort of diet.......

    I'm doing the keto diet and it's made a remarkable improvement in my health.
  15. Mountaineer

    Getting a warning is unlikely...

    I actually said something similar to a Richardson cop. He asked me how fast I was going and I responded, "no, but I bet you're going to tell me." He did. I knew there was no way I was going to get out of a ticket as it was Richardson so I figured I might have some fun with it.