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  1. Mountaineer

    Olympic Gold For An Old Man

  2. Mountaineer

    I love Brownells but.......

    I bought five SD cards from Amazon Prime Now. They put one card each in five separate brown paper bags.
  3. Mountaineer

    Trump memes

    I use "NSA Mobile" for my hotspot.
  4. Mountaineer


    We have bobcats in my neighborhood. My wife and I followed one down the alley to the street, then around down the street in front of our house. I've also seen coyotes walking down the street, including once in the middle of the day.
  5. Mountaineer

    NBC, Chrissy Teigen and vaginal steaming

    She's a butter-faced celebrity with a severe case of TDS.
  6. Mountaineer

    Hey Mountaineer

    Thanks, everyone!
  7. Mountaineer

    Fleshwound’s 1911 build by yours truely!

    That looks very nice! I can't wait to see it in person.
  8. Mountaineer

    USPS Informed Delivery- Beware!!!!

    The USPS has been scanning mail for a long time for sorting. This is just taking it one step further. I signed up quite a while ago. It's been handy for watching out for letters and packages I've been expecting.
  9. Mountaineer

    One eyed Jack.

    Good to hear.
  10. Mountaineer

    One eyed Jack.

    Good luck to Jack. We had a cat that had a tumor in her eye. I just happened to notice something odd behind the lens when she looked up in just the right light. Took her in to the vet immediately. On the vet's recommendation we went ahead and had the eye removed. The tests showed it was malignant. She lived a long and happy life with just one eye. It didn't slow her down at all except when it came to jumping up on high things which she avoided.
  11. Mountaineer

    Saturday night at the hockey fights!

    I'm going Thursday. My wife is a Blackhawks fan. When the Blackhawks are in town playing the Dallas Stars she drags me along, so this year I got her good seats close to the visitors' bench. Merry Christmas, Mrs. Mountaineer. :-)
  12. Mountaineer

    So, What Else Do You Collect ?

    I have a coworker that collects and repairs old tube radios, too. He also collects and repairs old jukeboxes.
  13. Mountaineer

    So, What Else Do You Collect ?

    I collect vintage computers, concentrating on Radio Shack/Tandy systems and CP/M systems (mostly the portables).
  14. Mountaineer

    Historic Bombers in Pictures

    Earlier this month I was in Springfield Ohio for an event. Several of us attending arrived Thursday night so we had Friday free so we met up for breakfast then drove over to the Air Force Museum in Dayton. I've wanted to go for a long time. The XB-70 in person was something I've always wanted to see in person. My father-in-law flew B-26 Marauders in WWII. We have his log books.