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  1. Yes, as part of the initial rapid head to toe assessment. Then, ask bystanders and/or family/friends (if present/available) to fill in the gaps, especially if the patient is unconscious or altered mental status. If you don't have a med-ID, you can also put "ICE" (in case of emergency) as a primary contact in your cell phone.....There was a push for people to do this years ago, but I think it may not be as useful as once thought, especially with smart phones that require a password to unlock just to see the contacts list.
  2. I can also attest to the quality and fit of jchtrh's walrus ivory grips!!! I purchased a set years ago and they are the pinnacle/crowning touch to my Colt Gold Cup 1911. They will be an heirloom piece, so I'd snag a set now if ya can!!! Very rare to get genuine walrus ivory and he does a great job selecting the pieces he carves to show off the natural "grain" that is ONLY found on true ivory (unlike the cheap, imitation grips that just look like all white PLASTIC...because they are). His are the real deal! QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY!!! I actually want to buy another 1911, just so I can get another pair of ivory grips from him! LOL
  3. Looking to buy or maybe even borrow (don't worry I would return it) a rear sight adjustment tool for Beretta 92/96 model pistols. I just can't see spending the price for a new tool just to use it for a few minutes. The Beretta specific tool is supposed to be more "gentle" on the firearm than universal ones. Please let me know if you have any thoughts! Thanks, -Medic07
  4. Looking to buy or maybe even borrow (don't worry I would return it) a rear sight adjustment tool for Beretta 92/96 model pistols. I just can't see spending the price for a new tool just to use it for a few minutes. Please let me know if you have any thoughts! Thanks, -Medic07
  5. I know Beretta has alot of haters, but they are fun to plink with. I really enjoy plinking with my M9. That price sounds GTG...I'd get it, especially if it hasn't been beaten up or doesn't have 25K rounds through the pipe. Enjoy!
  6. ...And, the conversions "only cost about $4 (according to MSNBC "Morning Joe") to $90 (other media estimates) and are available online everywhere". ......ahhh, yea, OK. Glad the media that initiated and propagates the left wingnut politicians wet dreams for "far sweeping gun reform" is soooo well up to date on facts and knowledgeable regarding all guns /magazines/availablility/legality and their uses and effective target ranges and most importantly, ONLY SINGLE SHOT SHOTGUNS OR BOLT ACTION COWBOY GUNS ARE GOOD FOR HUNTING...everything else is "just made to kill other humans'! What MSNBC anchors modge-podge together as an "investigative piece" is what the swamp dwellers take to the hill....literally with not much more info/facts/knowledge/experience thanvwhat they have seen on youtube....Come on! and the biggest piece of crap is when the politicians take the libertards words as facts and try to put them in a bill they actually have no real idea of what they are talking about. It's laughable, truly laughable!
  7. I wonder how the security will adjust to the next Shot-Show scheduled for this January in Vegas?
  8. Yep, but I bet the "enhanced video" will reveal 2 different hair balms being used versus a single hairspray.
  9. Sorry for your loss! Mtown hospital got bought out by the Hospital group I work for (the "big 1" in Waterloo and surrounding areas)...The changes in Mtown seem to be a good thing but it is just going to take a while for them to get the transition kinks worked out. I know alot of the staff from Waterloo (and surrounding affiliates) are now going to Mtown, and the ones I know are very good. They were using alot of traveling (out of state) staff to cover the ER before and at the start of the transition but the Docs I know and some of the "new" management there now are great. Let me know when you are near...maybe we can "catch-up" if I don't work when you are around....Though it is going to be a long weekend for me beginning tomorrow.
  10. ...Or was he? http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/original/chP94LcsLwAgT0bkFNpNqwOfbPi.jpg
  11. Hey Rampy!...I know the sniper shoot and scoot. Was a little tongue and cheek, tin foil hat poking comment. Good to see u still lurking around here.
  12. Thanks...Good to be back. Somehow got way busy with my new home projects and work. Ended up spending most my free time with additional training/certifications for my medical career. Plus had to rebuild my reloading area in the new house. With all the other stuff going on, I left the poor loading supplies boxed up until I finally got some free time.
  13. Why do you think there were 2 windows broken out???...There was plenty of field of view from any 1 window that high up...Why the hell would 1 person need 2? Would only need 2 if there was return fire and needed a secondary place to jump to, and I don't think there was any return fire from the ground was there?...If so, what reasonable LEO would take pot shots into a HUGE hotel with bystanders probably glued to their windows surrounding his room?
  14. Tinfoil hat--- check. Might be something to it, though.
  15. I think her greed (shady, gold digging, mail order bride wanting her share of the inheritance-at the VERY least...who knows what else she is into) will get the best of her. If she knew she was a "person of interest" before she left that armpit of the world she probably would have never got on the plane.
  16. Ahh, yea...Dragon lady has 2 social security numbers, was married to 2 guys at the same time, and now arrives back to the US in a friggin wheelchair as Feds snatch her up. She has some shady shat going on. At the very least she is a scamming mail order bride but I think there is more to her story than that!
  17. ...1 guy says "we have a 200 year supply of guns in the country and a 2 year supply of ammo, so that's where we should start (banning)".....ahhhhh,
  18. Ohhh, a panel of libtards about to "lay down the gospel" about gun control on MSNBC this AM...Is it too early for popcorn to enjoy with this fumble f#%k of a comedy trainwreck??? And according to the panel "bumpstocks" are "available everywhere online for $5-40"...Where are they shopping around at, CTD?
  19. I use a bullet ramp and load single shot style in my Remy 700...That way, I can get them as long as I want without worrying about clearances. I think I started 0.005 off the lands and found a sweet spot 0.015 off.
  20. ...she has to know something! I hope she doesn't get any insurance money if he indeed shot himself before SWAT got the chance.
  21. I'm glad dragon lady is back in the US...She had to show up sometime to claim her inheritance or insurance money sooner or later...In the meantime, anyone up for waterboarding?
  22. MSNBC reporting on "bumpstocks" right now, lol.
  23. The media is already fumbling about getting the differences between bumpfire like attachments, true full auto versus semi-autos mixed up. Some (media) saying "ban all semi-autos"...Do they really think that only "evil black rifles" would be "controlled" if they get all "semi-auto guns" ban passed? Guess they want to limit us to nothing more than revolvers, double barrel shotguns or better yet muskets...maybe just homemade bow and arrows???
  24. My main concern with using a 18lb spring is the possibility of damaging the barrel lug or guide pin with too forceful a return into battery (which is what I have heard form some folks) or poor cycling/jamming because of a too heavy spring...or is that just nonsense. I believe the Commander models all use 18lb springs but was unsure if wise to use on the national match Gold Cup. Thanks!
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