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  1. Following to learn more about this myself.
  2. As far as my training goes with the rifle I've taken classes with a couple of the local trainers. I'm looking into heading back to them this year for another go round as a refresher before hitting the more advanced stuff. The training has been very helpful and they're costs are a bit more manageable. Not saying cost is everything but the fact is that the budgets a bit tight these days.
  3. I've heard good things about TDI in Ohio, I know that they do handgun stuff, you'd have to check but I'm sure that they have rifle courses as well.
  4. The link to the zeroing information doesn't seem to be working?
  5. I attended a brief Intro to Carbine class late last year and am looking forward to the full blown course this year, an old dog learning some new tricks ;)
  6. Loved the show, hope they don't ruin it...since they nixed 24 I've become a big fan of Justified (which is due to die after next year), Turn, and Fargo...other recent classics were The Shield and X-Files.
  7. Well, it did get warm here yesterday but other projects had me busy and it was windier than all get out outside (which didn't help!) and today we've got storms to deal with. Trying to line up some things for the drag car yet so we'll see if we can't let a few rounds fly next weekend at some point. Texas needs it more?? I think I need to get to TX!!
  8. Grundy, huh? I'm just a hop-skip-and an jump south of there. I just renewed my annual membership to the local IzaakWalton league which includes range privilages and an getting ready for some test load shooting when the temps stay warm and the wind dies down. Reinbeck has a nice public range and for pistol usage the CedarValleyPistolRange is a private range but within a mile of where I work...still waiting for spring/summer...maybe this weekend?
  9. Been too damn cold and too much snow for far too long here in Grundy Co....don't know about the rest of you but I'm ready for some summer!
  10. Haven't had the chance to get out and do much shooting but other than getting a quality red-dot of some sort I'm happy with my mods to the LE6920 I have. I've got the ambi-safety/mag release/charging handle, added some MagPul fold-down sites, an Inforce light, and a BlueForceGear Vickers sling. G.
  11. jtrain....what safety are you running there?
  12. I've added the Troy ambi mag release, the Raptor ambi charge handle, and the Noveski/Magpul ambi safety. Had to use some emery paper on the safety to smooth out the operation of it but all the mods are worth it. Thanks for all the input from this site!
  13. Added the Ranier Arms Raptor ambi-charge handle (awesome piece!) to the COLT, the TROY Industries ambi-mag release, and the Noveske/Magpul ambi-safety....can shoot comfortably from either side now Had a Troy/VikingsTactics FreeFloat AlphaRail added along with an Inforce momentary light, a Vikers sling, a UTG red-dot and 3x magnifier....they will suffice until I can swing an AimPoint setup. Went through a few basic carbine classes so I have some idea of what the heck to do / not do with the rifle......end result.....LOVE it!!! Gene
  14. Mag Release / Ambi-Safety / Charging Handle....all look like parts I may have to acquire to add to the Colt..thanks for the info!
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