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  1. Well with an 18" barrel on a Mosin, you wouldnt actually have to HIT your target, the bullet would be superfluous as the flash and burning powder would annihilate anything within range... Try one of the M44s or an M38 at dusk to see what I mean- and those are 20" bbls. If I shot my M38 as something other than recreation, a flashhider would be great! As it is, I have an M91-30 with the 29" bbl.. that long barrel eats up most of the flash and recoil. YMMV I really really like your Icon.. GAC has been one of my heroes since childhood.
  2. STGThndr


    It's a tough one, not knowing what you have or might like. Do you have a GOOD knife? Something in the mid-length range of good steel and construction? Something to consider, YMMV
  3. The Gun "Debate" is a tough one. My people know me and I know most of them and what they are good for in a pinch... My own attitude is uncompromising, others feel they have more important things to worry about. We get along cuz we know better than to push one another's buttons- to do so would be rude. I know summa them peckerwoods snuck out and voted for (o)...
  4. I already have them, other than the garand- levers in .44 and .30-30. A Garand would indeed be a good idea. Who would turn in or regester everything anyway? The REAL "Crocodile" Dundee (not the movie version) was shot dead by Northern Territory polizei come to take his guns in Aus last gun grab. It could happen here. In unity is strength.. "Gentlemen we must hang together or assuredly we shall be hanged separately" B. Franklin Apologies if I hijacked your thread.
  5. Sikandar Ahkbar! Known in the West as Alexander The Great. With few but highly trained and motivated troops using the phalanx, by the age of 33 he overthrew the greatest empire known to man til that time. To this day there are cities named for him from Egypt to India. He set up the most advanced and widespread civilisation up to that time. (Hellenist) Sikandar Ahkbar!
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