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  1. Just noticed the inside of my M&P 2.0 (40) . like it didn't get finished or something. Idk how to post photos. None of my other barrels look like this
  2. I have too many addictions! I'm a professional tattoo artist of 11 years, and own a 5 star rated tattoo shop. I'm addicted to tattoo machines and equipment, art, fishing, guns, knives, etc. Ha
  3. Thanks guys! I've already been considering switching them out 😂
  4. Hey all. So I recently decided to get back into rifles, namely AR15s. Ive always been into handguns ( ccw holder since 06 now ). I've been collecting, shooting and "tinkering" with firearms since I took my hunters education course at 10 years old ( now 32 ) I obsessively research and scour forums. Anyways, getting off track... Lol I have gotten 2 AR 15s recently. I'm just wondering out of these 2, which is the "better" rifle. I know the better rifle is the one I shoot best and feel most comfortable with. I mean in terms of production, reliability, etc. The 2 rifles are the Core 15 CXV model and the Anderson AM-15 "multi cal". So out of these 2, which do you think is the "better" rifle, and why? I am currently doing research, and ordering parts so I can build a rifle tailored to my exact wants, but it'll be a month or so before I have everything ready. Thanks everyone. Looking forward to talking with you all, as I have re discovered my love for rifles and its going to be a big hobby of mine.
  5. I really like the looks of the RRA Operator, and the cheek rest looks comfortable. Im going to look more into that one. Any recommendations as to "carbine " stocks? Ive heard that switching to an adjustable stock from full size can leave the new shorter stock with "play" in it.
  6. Yeah lol. With the economy in the toilets, people werent spending extra income on tattoos as much as they were. So the pay was to up and down. Plus I have kids so I needed the guarenteed income and the insurance and benifits offered are nice. Working from 4pm to 3am 6 days a week kind of sucks, but it happens. You wouldnt think the economy is bad if you saw how many 2013/14 Honda Accords, Civics, and CRVs we build per day. lol
  7. I just purchased a Bushmaster XM15-e2s A2 Style AR15. I was considering switching to an adjustable "carbine" stock but I really like the feel of the full length stock. I was wondering if there are any other styles of full length stocks I could replace the solid riflestock with, without worrying about changing out the buffer tube and spring. I know that if I switch to an adjustable carbine stock I need the kit to switch out the buffer tube. This may become an option if the the rifle proves to be too much for my wife, but if not Id like to keep the same fullsize stock and just buy a new "modern looking " design, lol. Thanks all
  8. Hey everyone, Just wanted to stop in and introduce myself. My name is Matt and Im a resident of Ohio. I am a CHL holder and long time handgun enthusiast. I was a tattoo artist for 8 years until I recently started working for Honda. While I like to consider myself very knowledgeable in handguns and the smithing of handguns, I am new to the AR15 rifle. I recently put together a RRA rifle that Ive had for about 6 months, and just a few days ago I acquired a Bushmaster XM15-e2s A2 style. I was planning on waiting until tax time for the new rifle but with the way things are looking I went ahead and purchased this rifle due to a good deal. Anyways I hope to make some new friends and here and Im sure Ill learn alot, because I sure do have a lot of learning to do. lol Thanks SEE YA SOON Matt
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