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  1. Interloper

    The 3650 yard shot!

    +1 Well done, Mr. Carter.
  2. Interloper

    N8 squared Holsters

    It's a little hard to tell from these pictures but it doesn't print much at all, considering this shirt isn't ideal for concealment. I'm pretty happy with the quality of workmanship and comfort for the price ($69), and it took about 2 weeks from the time I ordered it until it showed up in my mailbox.
  3. Interloper

    N8 squared Holsters

    A few more... Tucked...
  4. Interloper

    N8 squared Holsters

    I'd been looking at these holsters for a short time before bob72 posted this thread, and his review and the comments of others (including my ccw class instructor) gave me enough cause to order the Professional version for my XDS. I agree with pretty much everything Bob had to say...this thing is COMFORTABLE. After wearing it around the house for 3-4 hours the first day, it didn't wear on me at all and you get used to it fast. I'm still practicing drawing it quickly (which takes a little used to giving it an inside twist), but getting better at it. I tried to take some pictures with my crappy phone camera...
  5. Interloper

    Texas CHL Wait Times

    After taking the course here in NE., you go to the state patrol office and give them $100....then wait 7-10 weeks.
  6. Interloper

    Scheel's Omaha

    I haven't seen any .223 or 5.56 for quite a while there...they did have a sweet Colt Defender .45 in stock about 6 weeks ago, which quickly sold. One week later, they had another one that I could have had but passed because I couldn't part with the $1165 needed to escort it home. It too, sold within 2 days....and you're right, those Thermold mags looked like junk.
  7. Interloper

    NFM to allow CCW...

    That's good news that sanity is prevailing at a major retailer like NFM...props to them. Thanks for the heads-up Ready.
  8. Interloper

    Browsing Guns

    Like Popeye, I really really like the Defender...but couldn't part with $1100 right now. That would be my first choice, but for roughly half the price I went with my 2nd, which was the XDS. Was able to handle one at the LGS that wanted $730 (really?) for the one they had, and have a buddy that has one and his reco was good enough for me so I grabbed one off of Bud's. As the last poster stated, really like the trigger action and recoil is there but pretty manageable IMO. It's my summer carry weapon. The other one I'd be tempted on from your list would be the Shield, but I think my next purchase is going to me an M&P .45 or .45c. Let me know if you want to try the XDS and we can put some rounds through it.
  9. Interloper

    Next Handgun Purchase.

    Ordered an XDS over the weekend, wanted a good Summer carry weapon.
  10. Interloper

    Independence Ammo

    Fed 100 rounds through my LE6920 today, not one issue...
  11. Interloper

    The taking of a gun?

    Everyone should watch this, and I'm going to share this within social my circle...thanks for posting.
  12. Interloper

    Ammo in Stock

    Got an email from AIM 45 minutes ago re: Wolf .223 55gr @ $149 per 500 rounds, jumped on the site 20 minutes after the email...all gone.
  13. Interloper

    N8 squared Holsters

    When I get my ccw I will give serious consideration to this holster...thanks for the review and the info.
  14. Interloper

    Aluminum Mags @ Scheels Omaha (As of 2/16)

    $30 does seem pretty exorbitant. I'd be pressed to pay $30 for P-mags let alone those, didn't think Scheel's would gouge like that but maybe they paid more for `em...pass as well.
  15. Interloper

    Welcome to the Nebraska Forum!

    Hey Frank, congrats on getting out of what's left of CA. and welcome to the Good Life. The weather stinks sometimes, well ok, a lot in the Winter, but it's a good quality of life. Glad to see you on here.