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  1. I ordered a Bersa P9MP13 two weeks ago from Personal Choice Outfitters. Only an email confirmation and a charge on my credit card. The phone number is answered by a machine. There is no response to emails. Am I supposed to just wait and wait and wait like som dummy? I filed a complaint with my Sheriff's Dept. I also called the Sheriff's Dept. in AZ who told me the address number on Hwy 85 is within a "NO CONSTRUCTION ZONE" which surrounds their prison. My credit card company will eventually refund my money, I hope. Now, I will call and talk to a human before I purchase online. No human, no deal But I wonder, how many businesses could there be like this one? I called a few more online gun stores and got a recording or a disconnected phone. There is another thing I found: no indication that a product is "in stock". If they are so busy they can't answer the phone, they must be making a lot of money. How much would a person cost at minimum wage to answer the phone? Anyone have similar experiences with other stores?