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  1. This truly is a learning experience. I guess one will continue to hit these during their lifetime. I graduated from college and got a decent paying job in 2008 and have learned so much since then. When the economy is good, stock up on gold, silver and other precious metals and as I've learned now, stock up on firearms when they're readily available and so on. I thought about it a little more and that is a great idea to get a stripped lower now. Even if I spend $500 in parts and then come across a good deal on a nice colt or Smith and Wesson in July or August, well at least I have a good start on a second AR. Otherwise, at least I did the best I could and make a frainkenAR. Again, thanks for all your input guys and as always, make sure to get as many people as you can to write your state reps and especially target democrats. Even though their outlooks don't make much sense, I'd be willing to bet the majority of democrats would not favor any more federal gun control laws.
  2. This does seem like a good deal. I've never bought a used firearm though. I live in Michigan and it looks like you live in Texas. I'm guessing I can't just send you a check and you can send me the firearm. How do you go about buying one online from someone else?
  3. Thanks for the replies. Kevin, I really hope you're right. Even though I live in a lousy blue state, there are a lot of firearm fanatics here as the state is well known for the beautiful hunting locations. I've been writing my republican representatives of course but really targeting the democrats here and trying to explain how they will definately lose their positions next election if they vote to ban these type of firearms. Even union workers here I feel would turn on democrats should a gun ban go into affect. I'll look into getting a stripped lower and building but I get the feeling that I'll have a 1/2 complete gun when the ban (god forbid) goes into affect. Or, prices will come down when I finally finish it and I would've been able to get a better quality complete AR-15 if I've waited. I have hope no bans will be put in force but this administration is very good at getting things done fast and convincing idiots that his view is what the majority of people want with a media to back him up.
  4. I was going to buy an AR-15 last summer but ran into some financial issues so I decided not to buy one. Turns out it was the worst decision of my life (well 2nd worst, first was the decision that got me into the finacial issue in the first place). Anyways, I have been looking all around and only found one in my whole area. Unfortunately it wasn't up to the standards I was looking for and rediculously overpriced (DPMS Sportical which I found sells around $650 normally was marked up to $1800). So with that being said, I am really concerned I might've missed my opportunity to get one. Does anyone here work for or know what's going on with the AR-15 manufacturers? I would think if people are willing to spend massive amounts of money on these things, companies would be buying more manufacturing equipment and hiring as many temps as they can to pump these out as fast as they can make them. Does anyone know about how long it takes to completely manufacture one AR-15? I fear that they might be slowing down production until they figure out what Washington is going to do in which case I may not see another new one for quite a while which I'm not happy about. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
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