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  1. Thanks again guys. Need mil spec tube. Any recommendations? Found this on e-bay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/261159435246?ssPag...984.m1423.l2649 Should i take a chance on a no brand or buy something from a known manufacturer (assuming i can get it in my lifetime)
  2. Thank you all. I wish customer support dude was this detailed. I'll end up getting an opinion from my local gunsmith too. Anyone have a take on a good buffer assembly to consider? I think the gun is mil speck sized
  3. Hello. I purchased a Colt Match Target AR-15 which came with a NY modified buttstock. I want to replace it w/ a new magpul stock that i purchased. I am trying to figure out if i can remove that original stock myself. Colt customer support told me to take it to a gun smith. Sound advice but i'd rather try to figure out if i can do it my self. That is if someone on this site can give me some pointers. Thanks in advance
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