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  1. M1A with 10 rd mag, Ruger PC carbine and 10/22, M1 Carbine with 10 rd mag, Russian SVT40, 1941 Johnson rifle, Ohio Ordnance 1918A3 BAR with 10 rd mag are a few I can think of.
  2. Thanks guys. Turned 66 today. Plan on giving my notice next week and retiring in August.
  3. The free state of Arizona. Counting the days till my retirement - Aug 1st.
  4. COE - Certificate of Eligibility It's a more through background check and live scan of all your finger and thumb prints are submitted to FBI. CFARs - California Firearms Application Reporting System I wanted to keep the ability to have an adjustable butt stock since my wife and daughter also shoot my AR-15, and you can't have one on a AR unless it's registered as an assault weapon. Won't mean much in a year when I move out of this stupid state. They used to mail a new copy of your COE, I called and now you can download and print it yourself, you just have to figure it out on their site since they don't tell you about it when you renew.
  5. My COE was to expire on Oct. 2 I went on line to the CFARs site and renewed it on Aug 9th Got a conformation E mail with a copy of the transaction receipt CFARs site shows my COE is good for another 365 days. I have yet to get a new printed copy of my COE so that I can send it to venders to continue to purchase ammo out of state. Anyone else having this same problem? I also started the process to register my assault weapons back in December of 2017, they are still listed as "in progress" in their system. California department of justice is worthless!
  6. I got a phone call from a "private number" at the California department of justice this morning. The lady stated that there had been a glitch in the program that had now been fixed. I logged on to the CFARS site and magic, all my pending registrations are now listed. They are still showing in progress as a status, but at least they are showing in their system. She could not give me an estimate as to when the registration process would be completed. I've kept all the emails I've received from them confirming the submission day and time for every weapon along with printed copies. I also have the credit card charge for the registration fee as proof of when I submitted the requests.
  7. Most of them are AR style rifles that had bullet buttons. I did not want to give up the pistol grip, adjustable buttstock or the ability to remove the magazine without having to remove the upper assembly from the receiver. I have many other weapons that are not registered, so I'm not concerned about the government coming and taking the few I am trying to register.
  8. I have been trying to register several California "assault weapons" using the CFARS system since November of last year. I successfully submitted all the required data on the web site and my pending cart listed each weapon I was trying to register with a reference CRIS number. I received e-mails from CFARS confirming my pending registrations that also stated I would receive letters confirming registration when they were completed. I kept checking the CFARS site and my registrations were always listed in my cart as processing. I check the site last week and there is nothing listed in the cart. I sent an email to CFARS asking them to confirm the status of my registration requests and have yet to get a response. Has anyone successfully registered their assault weapon using the CFARS system?
  9. I don't have 100, but I'm getting close. I collect military weapons, so I try to have original military manuals for each weapon in my collection. Then there are the reference books detailing the histories and development of them. Disassembly guides and parts supply. Pricing guides. Then I also reload, so I have manuals from all the major manufactures of reloading equipment and components.
  10. Has anyone received written confirmation from CFARS that their bullet button AW registration was completed, and if you have how long did it take? My applications have been "Processing" for almost 3 months now.
  11. Not sure if all he was shooting at was tannerite. Lots of flames when it goes boom. I've shot a lot of tannerite at quantities up to about 2 lbs over the years and have never seen flames like that. My guess is he used the tannerite to set off some other substance like gasoline.
  12. Got to love those P-51 Mustangs Inlaws live in Hemet California and they used to have a B-17 fire bomber fly right over their house. Seemed like it was low enough that you could reach up and touch the wheels. The sound of those 4 engines and the vibrations were awesome.
  13. At 5 my daughter had no trouble cocking her Red Rider. After she had mastered safe weapon handling with the Red Rider I upgraded her to a pellet rifle to learn how to shoot with a scope. Waited until she was 7 before letting her shoot a BB pistol. At 8 she was shooting an old M49 lever action 22 rifle. About 10 she had her own 10/22, and was shooting my 1903 with reduced loads. She's in the army now, and qualified expert with the M16, M9.
  14. The two happiest days of when I had a boat - the day I bought it and the day I sold it.
  15. I just got back from the show. I was helping a friend of mine out who writes for several magazines and has an on-line blog. Sunday and Monday spent at shooting ranges firing all sorts of fun weapons. 300 black out is the flavor of the day. Everyone had some version of an AR firing it. Sub-sonic suppressed full auto is amazing. New long range record shot for me 960 yards with 308 Winchester hit 12" metal gong 5 for 5. Also made a 100 yard shot with a crossbow. Could only spend two days at the convention center. Could easily spend a week and not see half the booths. We did line up some product samples to review. Won a couple of raffles and got lots for free samples also. Not that much in the way of booth babes though.
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