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  1. Nice FDE furniture. Maybe down the road you'll want to swap out the hand guard for a quad rail and throw some Troy battlegrip covers on. It looks pretty damn good and you'll be able to add some accessories. Then you will learn the true meaning of AR.... 'Another Receipt'. Have fun.
  2. Its a shame everything goes so fast. When will the madness end???????
  3. I ordered 10 round mags but I am assuming you want 30 round mags...and yes, I just checked the site and confirmed Kentucky Gun Co. has thirty round PMags at $34.99 a piece. Move Fast!
  4. Just got notice of my order being shipped this morning from Kentucky Gun Co. Not sure if they have a waioting list that they are crossing names off of though cause I placed my order over a month ago.
  5. Stag Arms seems to pan out. Good reviews to boot.
  6. Very nice. Just went a different route but will consider this for my next build.
  7. Everyone seems to be out. Go to DPMS, Palmetto, etc. to find their LPK's and then opt for an email notification when the item becomes available again. Hope for good website maintenance and you might get a reply. A good old fashion phone call to customer service (if you actually get a person) may yield better results. Good Luck. Im looking right now as well. Keep me posted if you find anything and I will do the same.
  8. I run Troy from taking other peples recommendations when I was asking around and I am very glad I did. Great sights...excellent quality.
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