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  1. Thanks for looking .I did the opposite . I had mine at 10.5" and I cut it down to 7.5"..
  2. THought i would share some chronograph results on my 50 beowulf 7.5" SBR https://youtu.be/Ivud_DLCOzA
  3. Nope i dont handload but gunsandammo magazine compadre is making me some subsonic loads to test ..Currently i have no flash supressor ..the flash does not bother me..The device at the end is a custom made stabalizing barrel shroud by Barr Performance..
  4. I dont know what the splatter was..prbably the sand bank behind it..not sure.. I know i can do better if i bench rest my rifle..but this just give everyone a clear idea of how one can perform with this weapon standing up.. Thanx again for commenting..I have another forum peep sending me some heavy subsonic loads to see how accurate they will perform. The .308 is still my other option later on..the good thing is all i need to do is swap out the barrel and everything else stays the same..
  5. Thanx..im glad my video was inspiring.. The good side of it..is if you miss your enemy the sound will deffin them fhe fireball would burn there eyebrows off lol
  6. Thanx here is the chronograph test and night shoot.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnTrlQqx9oo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbeyMebpwtU
  7. Ok So i finally got off my lazy butt and put together the Accuracy testing video that i previously mentioned in my other thread.The results werent too bad for such a short barrel..I was at 90 yards in a standing position.My scope was previously zeroed in at a 25yard distance so i had to a do a little bit of compensating..The wind was blowing the target a little bit during that day so it started to sway back and forth..But overall i think it was a successful test..The results are below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUxx71Mo50U
  8. Ill make another video stretching it out to see how far and how accurate i can shoot groups together
  9. Thanx..glad you like it..the 50 beo always has a soft spot in my heart anytime we go on a range date..I just like the fact that the 338 fed is very versatile such as every part is interchangable with the 308 ..and it can hold more than 10rounds in a mag if needed..
  10. go into your local academy outdoor store..they dont have it online.here is the info on my store and they can direct you and find a store nearest you that has them in stock Academy Sports & Outdoors 6425 Garth Rd. BAYTOWN,TX 77521 (281) 421-5232 If not you can pay 19.99 per box and wait till palmetto state armory has free shipping on them and save on taxes and shipping, http://palmettostatearmory.com/index.php/ammunition/rifle-ammunition/338-federal/federal-american-eagle-338-federal-185gr-sp-20rds-ae338f.html
  11. Hello thanx for commenting.. The barrel twist rate is 1:7 ..I havent done any accuracy testing out to 200yards as of yet..I know it will reach out to those distances but i dont know how accurate as of yet..At 50yards she is very accurate ..The optic is made by vortex it is a 3x prism scope they retail for around $300-$400 .they are not bad http://www.vortexoptics.com/product/vortex-spitfire-3x-prism-scope-with-ebr-556b-moa-reticle..So far the recoil on it does beat it up a little but for now it will have to work..I dont plan on getting a trijicon or an elcan due to the fact im not going to war anytime soon...I might just settle for an Eotech..The stock on it is not a magpul..it is made by hogue grips and it has a decent amount of cushion on the butt side for support but my fab defense gshock stock would have worked better.
  12. Alrighty fellers its been a while since i last visited here but i have a little treat for you guys to watch.I have finish building my .338 Federal AR10 Pattern SBR rifle and i have chronographed it with some pretty interesting results.. Shooting a few of the Federal Factory 180gr Accubond Nosler Ballistic tips i was clocking in around 2206fps-2242fps and shooting some of the American Eagle 185gr soft point factory ammo i was getting around 2097fps-2198fps...I still have some more testing to do with some lighter loads such as the Barnes 160gr ballistic tips....I have uploaded a video for you guys on all documented chronographed results of my 8" .338 Federal SBR ..Please leave comments and i Hope you enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=137&v=HnTrlQqx9oo
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