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  1. Thanks for the reply. I bought second hand. It is new but there was no way of finding out who made it. The previous owner bought it off another person. I assumed it maybe out of spec because no matter what bolt I put in it, it's still loose. It's not like my other piston carriers I have. It's like having a bolt in a carrier without gas rings. Just moves freely in and out. I've tried 3 bolts that I have, all new and the same thing. And those bolts in a cmmg piston carrier and osprey piston carrier with rings act as they are supposed to. Maybe the carrier was designed to be loose for piston systems, with or without gas rings? I'm just worried if I do use that carrier something bad may happen if it is indeed a manufacturer defect and not planned. Thanks
  2. I recently picked up a piston carrier with a loose bolt. I assumed that either the bolt was missing gas rings or needed them replaces. I didn't care either way its going to be used with my AA kit. But after receiving it and inspecting it. It looks as though the carrier is out of spec where the bolt goes. I tried several bolts I have and then tried the same bolts in another carrier. They all passed the bcg test in a different carrier, where I extend the bolt and put the bcg on the bolt and it doesn't compress. My question is, should I worry about this? It's going to be used with out the rings anyways, and with or without the rings it acts just like my Osprey bcg. Just a bolt with no rings. Any advice or comments on this would be appreciated. Thanks
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