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  1. lunacite

    Glock conversions

    To get reliable extraction of 9mm in a .40 glock frame you should also replace the trigger housing, the ejectors are slightly different
  2. lunacite

    NFA Picture Thread

    I guess I could update mine now that I have my PDW stock
  3. lunacite

    Anyone else have the Saker 762

    I've got one, it's awesome
  4. Are you interested in getting rid of that 51t muzzle device when it's off?
  5. lunacite

    Sig Reintroduces the P225-A1!

    Technically the stock mainspring was what sucked. The trigger itself is just a stock SIG trigger.
  6. lunacite

    Magazine capacty vs function

    I haven't had any problems with full PMAGs or aluminum GI mags, but I have a pair of steel E-Lander mags that are nigh impossible to seat on a closed bolt filled to 30.
  7. lunacite

    Starting SBR

    This is my pistol with a 10.5" barrel, 12.5" YHM Rail, and an ICE Arms comp.
  8. +1 for ultimak. It's pretty unobtrusive and a rock solid mount. Magpul AK Pmags work great for me.
  9. lunacite

    AR 15 case.

    Just be sure you get closed cell foam. Open cell foam will hold moisture.
  10. lunacite

    AR Pattern Rifles

    "AR Pattern" means anything compatible with the Colt AR-15 or AR-10 series, since those are trademarked by Colt. Most "AR-15"s you see actually have a different model type identified by the manufacturer, usually they'll have "15" in the model number like the Aero X15, or the Spike's ST15.
  11. lunacite

    AR15 "handgun" length of barrel?

    Over 26", measured from the end of the buffer to the end of the threads (or end of the muzzle device, if it's pinned & welded)
  12. lunacite

    AR15 "handgun" length of barrel?

    If the overall length is greater than 26" AND it has some kind of vertical foregrip, then it's no longer considered a "pistol" since it's not designed to be fired by one hand. Some jurisdictions disallow loaded rifles in vehicles, but pistols are OK.
  13. lunacite

    And kudos to Crossbreed Holsters.

    I had a crack in my P226 holster's kydex and they had it replaced within a week. A+ for crossbreed.
  14. That includes the Form 3 time to my local dealer.
  15. Silencershop Direct took 201 days from order to having my Saker in hand.