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  1. I was born in 1972, My neighbor treated me like a son, as the years went on I learned his son, Bruce Mark Johnson. HHC, 2nd BN, 327th Infantry, 101st Airborne Div was killed in Vietnam. My parents both described the sadness at Bruce's funeral in Duluth, MN. I know Bruce was a 11C2P Indirect Fire Infantryman. His tour began on 8 July 1965. He was killed on 21 June 1966. I went to the same High school as Bruce.I pray the memorials remain there. I enlisted because I always felt Bruce strong in my heart, and felt I should served in his honor. I was given a high school graduation gift in Bruce's Honor. After Bruce was killed his dad gave all the money to the Hermantown School system. Anyway I have always been connected to this warrior even though I was born after he was killed. I remember coming home on leave from the Marines. I visited his Dad in a Nursing home and we talked about Bruce Mark Johnson unforgetable sacrifice. Thank You people! I now know Trung Luong was the battle he last saw. I have tried piece this together for a long time. I know from having talked to Bruce's dad that there was confusion over how he died. Some record's say "Misfortune" other record's say enemy small arms fire. Either way I know they gave Bruce"s dad the wrong info, Cause he said the casket of his Son should not have been open. So I know feel closer to my friend in Heart! I will learn more of this battle, and I hope to God I can meet someone who actually remembers Specialist 5 Bruce Mark Johnson. I am sorry about the long chat, I just feel so connected and drawn to what Bruce went through. I still have a christmas card with his picture on it! Thanks to you all! XUSMarine.
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