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  1. Thanks. I have looked a bit at the armscorp tactical but am not really famaliar with their qulaity and reliability. Do you have personal experience with them? If so, how would you rate them compared to let say kimber?
  2. Hello everybody. My quest for a great 10mm continues. I just wanted to get some opinions about the 10mm semi-auto. I have heard, from different places, that the 1911 and other 10mm semi-auto platforms wernt made to handle the "full", "hot", or "heavy" loads. Some say the 1911 was wasnt made to handle those pressures whiile other say the glock may be less suited to handle them. Im just wondering what would be the most appropriate semi-auto for the more potent loads to shoot with, long term with the least amount of stress or poss damage to the frame ect....? Im not takling 1000's or rounds monthly but I'd like to know that Im going to be able to shoot the "hot" loads and know that I have the best pistol to handle them. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. YEP....I cant seem to open it up either.
  4. If you find anymore for that price, pickem up and Ill send you my ffl's contact info.......very nice pick up!
  5. Hi all. I recently stumbled across your ar15 armory forum, which is great, and then found the 10mm......now Im really happy. Anyway, I have had, and currently own a couple of 45 acp's and really like them. A frined of mine started talking about the 10mm and guess what, I got the bug. I have done some research and all recommendations seem to point to the glock 20/29 which makes sense but I tend to be a kind of guy who doesnt always follow conventional thnking. I have a Les Baer super tac and absolutely love the 1911 platform so I am natrually biased that way. I dont want to take anything away from glock infact, I will eventually have a g20 or maybe a 29, but for my first 10mm I'd kinda like to stay with something that I am familiar with. I have looked at kimber, fusion, wilson combat and would love to have one of those but.......too much for this working soul. The reason I'm posting here is that I came across a S.A. Linkless that has captured my attention. I have searched the internet and come up with minimum information on this rascal. From what I have read, sounds like a nice firearm and I do like the idea of having something unique. What I am wondering is, does the linkless have any little dirty secrets that I need to be aware of like any major mechanical short commings or faults that may become major issues? I want the gun for some range time. Im not in an area where hunting is really an option, I dont think the 10mm would be appropriate for my ground squirrel problem. I love the idea of 10mm, love the idea of 1911 platform, and like the idea of a piece that is "unique" but, and you can probably tell....Im fairly excited and I dont want the excietement to get the better of me and make a bad decision. ANY help, inout, and/or experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanksa
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