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  1. Built a new upper for my Ar-15 and i can't get a headspace guage to close. The barrel is an 18in DPMS mk12 barrel ordered from brownells, and the bolt is a DPMS BCG. I removed ejector and extractor, put the GO guage in the chamber loosely and made sure the bolt face was flush on the guage, closed the bolt and i have almost a 1/4 in hanging out the back of the receiver. tried a different bolt, same thing. So then put a round in the chamber, bolt closes fine, no issues. My first AR i built gave me no issues with headspace, so I'm puzzled. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks guys, Lee.
  2. Here are the kids: https://www.flickr.com/gp/92942173@N05/15U0Xe 10.5in Norinco (top) 18in North Eastern Arms DMR build
  3. No and No. I live in Canada. All AR's are classified as "restricted", no matter the caliber or barrel length. I could have one lower and switch it between 5 different barrel length uppers when ever I like.
  4. In know the 1:7 twist wont be the best for 55gr bullets. heavier bullets would be better, I KNOW. i've herd alot of people say they have a 1:7 barrel and shoot 55's fine. But im guessing those are 14.5 and 16in barrels. I basically want a barrel that can shoot what ever I feed it (ie. 55gr and up), Would a 1:8 twist 18in barrel be my best bet then?
  5. And will a 1:7 twist on an 18in. barrel be too much for 55gr. bullets?
  6. Thats kinda what I was thinking Adam. The 22in-24in might be better, but I think I may end up wishing i had the portability of the 18in. barrel. Here's my other question. So say I decide on a 18in. Now the company I can get the barrel from says I can choose the length of the gas system. Do i go with mid-length or Rifle length? and why would it matter?
  7. Hey guys, I'am kind of new to AR's and I want to build a more longrange/target upper for my AR, which is currently a 10.5in. I'd like to build it from scratch. I've been debating on what length barrel to go with. I can get a Rock Creek barrel cut to pretty much any length. I was thinking somewhere between 18 to 22 inches. but I kinda like the idea of a bit shorter barrel. Any thoughts or advice? is 18 inches to short?
  8. Our gun law are pretty messed up, but not the worst. Firearms are put into three different classifications: non-restricted, restricted, and prohibited. Non restricted firearms are mostly bolt action rifles, shot guns and some semi-autos like the Ruger mini 14, the M14, SKS etc. with barrel legths of 18in and up and do not have to be registered. All AR's (from 7.5in to 20in barrels) are classified as Restricted, same as handguns and can ONLY be fired at gun ranges, and cannot be owned unless you belong to a gun club. It takes about 1-2 weeks to pickup your AR/handgun after purchase, and must be registered. Prohibs are guns that the government (ie. non-gun people) deem dangerous: hundguns with barrel lengths less than 4 1/4in, AK-47 variants, saiga shotguns, Thompsons, Steyr AUG, most other bullpups and a huge list of other guns,either semi or full auto. .Now Prohibs can only be obtained through inheritance. ie you grandfather happened to have a short barreled pistol, or maybe an AK 30 years ago before the ban, and then passed down said guns to you. And prohibs can only ever be kept in a gun safe, and are not allowed to be fired anywhere, EVER. Oh, and any AR made by Colt is also prohibited because our governments military uses Colt AR's, and they are somehow different from all the other AR's. And all of our centrefire rifles, whether restricted or not, can only have 5 round capacity mags. handguns can have 10 rounds max. And those are the Canadian gun laws in a nutshell.
  9. Thanks for re-post @xOutxKastx I'm new, as you can tell.
  10. Hey everybody, I'm new to the forum and AR-15's. Just finished customizing my first AR-15. Started with a Norinco CQB 10.5in w/carbine gas system as my platform. Let me know what you think. AR build by LeeRoss_TheBoss, on Flickr Here are the modifications: Magpul STR stock-DE YHM Diamond Forearm-Mid length YHM endcap Spikes tactical low-pro gas block Magpul MBus front sight Magpul AFG2 foregrip-DE Magpul Mbad lever Tango down rail covers in DE I plan on replacing the carry handle with a Magpul Mbus rear.
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