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  1. +1... Had a Witness compact polymer for a month last year. Traded it away... didn't care for the trigger and I just can't get myself to like the polymer frames. Thought it would be a great carry gun as my Delta is, well... a Delta and my S&W 310's grip got significantly bigger once I put the Crimson grips on it...
  2. As I also shoot a good bit of plated lead to save money, it was cause for pause when I read "Barry's 180gr HP over 12.5gr AA#7." That's the bullet I've been loading but with 9.5gr of AA#7 for approx. 1020fps.. Accurate Arms load manual shows: min. 9.9gr./1051fps to max. 11.0gr/1195fps. I just cut the minimum load by a bit for starters... it cycled fine, grouped good, so I deemed it OK for practice. Guess what I'm saying is, without trying to be "MR. Sam Safety", isn't 12.5gr. a might hot for a lead bullet? Have you shot some yet? How were they?
  3. As I also reload, I could fully appreciate all the work and time that went into your study... well done!! From an economical viewpoint, I've been using #7 for all my semi-auto's... 9 and 10mm, 40S&W and 45acp. Bought an 8lb keg that's been giving me LOTS of time at the range flinging Berry's 180's...
  4. duh... forgot your address was included... sent it off
  5. Found 'em.... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-Colt-Delta-Elite-Grip-Medallions-/140863327635 New here... if I can figure out how to find your email address... I'll email the link to you also...
  6. I wanted finger grips on my Delta so I also had to buy some medallions... found a guy that was able to get some "from the vendor that sells them to Colt"... I really didn't care if they were authentic or not... I'll see if I can track that order down for you. It was over 3 years ago....
  7. Had a NIB Witness 10mm carry in polymer last year for about 2 months... traded it in. Just not a polymer fan and the trigger pull was.... well, ya sure get what ya pay for...
  8. Bought a NIB NightGuard 310 last spring, put a set of Crimson Trace Laser Grips on it. Carry it crossdraw from time to time. Sure is a hoot at the range!!
  9. Link doesn't seem to want to work for me... I can see it's been a few years... anybody else having probs opening it?
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