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  1. Also looking at the handgaurd currently on my rifle i noticed that it seems to only be attached at the upper receiver, the gas block seems to be about 1 - 1 1/2" from the end of my FF forearm so could i just put a 9" FF or will that affect the rifles preformance?
  2. OK thanks for the advice! On a side note do all ar-15's charging handles kind of feel like a spingy toy? i mean ill get use to it but its just kinda something im not a fan of, like the ak just has such a crisp sound to it ya know?
  3. Hello all, I have an Colt AR-15 LE6900 it has a 9 1/2" free floating forearm, looking to put a quad rail on it (would prefer something that could merge at the rail on the upper receiver) any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks in advanced
  4. Hello all, I'm planning on doing my first build (I'm cheating by buying complete upper, complete lower) I wanted to just buy this cheap holographic and a magnifier but after reading a few reviews about anything that isn't aimpoint or Eotech i realize the consensus is everything that are not those brands are shat and won't hold zero any recommendation for CQ plinking and some distance shooting? I thought one of those knock off acog's but for up close shooting i imagine that could get annoying, my budget is $190 all advice is appreciated
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