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  1. Are you noticing any consistency with these topics, sarge?
  2. Hozier - Take Me To Church Lyric Video: Immensily popular song right now, I love it
  3. Forget me living in your empty head rent free, what about pretty much every certified biologist on Earth that thinks you are a dumb ass? Do they count?
  4. Here is an appeal to nature fallacy for you. Rape, murder, theft etc. all exist in nature. Don't you agree? Does that mean you are exempted from civilized behavior? Evolution should not be a guide line for government, that is too right wing for me.
  5. I already addressed every point you made. I am not resorting to ad infintium with you because if that wonderful science degree can't teach you a basic line if reasoning I sure can't. All the greatest minds on Earth can't teach you critical thinking, you are too absorbed with philosophy, delusion and paranoia. To paraphrase Sagan, "science is not just a collection of facts, it is a way of thinking." And brudda, you ain't got it. You just had your hat handed to you and it drives you nuts, by someone who didn't have the luxury of a formal education. Good. BTW, I am taking night classes next semester. I got tired of morons waving a piece of paper in my face.
  6. Brought to you by genetic sequencing from the great state Texas.
  7. This is entertaining since the opposite of pretty much everything you have said is true. Biological evolution is the change of genetic composition as passed down through several generations. It isn't at all semantics, it is the foundation of all biology, and all related feilds.if you don't have a working comprehension of evolution, then you don't understand biology, and boy does it show. Evolution is not a means to govern society or a political movement. Social Darwinism was invented well before "Origins of the Species." The proponents of Social Darwinism adopted the term after the fact. Among the most popular Social Darwinists were those who celebrated completely unregulated Lassiez-Faire Capitalism and extremely limited government, they also opposed welfare. Sound familiar? Evolution is just a description of the phenomenon that allows animals to change. What you are suggesting is like saying " because astronomy can predict a lunar eclipse it leads to human sacrifice." Amusing how you tried to use the race-card. It is also fascinating how you can connect this to your greater political dellusions and paranoia. If you don't like it or understand it, it all becomes connected. A psychological study in the making. DNA science has already opened those windows. In fact, we could have no fossils at all and we would still know it is a fact. The Hillis Plot comes to mind first, based entirely on molecular biology. Scientists can use genetics to not only compare the relation of species to one another, but also by use of biological clock determine when the species split. I am not sure the height of humans 400 years ago is as much the result of mutation or genetic trait, I think malnutrition might be of a greater influence there. But if it were a completely genetic trait alone it would show how much we have changed in 400 years. Now imagine 400,000 years. Or 4,000,000, so on. This is not even remotely based on faith. Take the fossil record, less complex organisms can be found in older rock. Not once has a mammal been found alongside a trilobite. All it requires is the very smallest amount of critical thinking, which is amazingly absent in science denialists. Evolution has been repeated in lab experiments, time and again. My favorite being the Lenski experiment, although there are far too numerous to name. E. coli in one control group had gained the ability to metabolize citrate. It was predicted that other control groups would evolve in the same manner with in a generation parameter, and guess what? They did. This has been done many times, best accomplished with organisms with fast reproduction cycles. It has been done with everything from fruit flies and cichlids. In just a few thousand years artificial selection has turned wolves into Chihuahuas, imagine 2mya more years. Then we have the biological island effect, where Lemurs are only in Madagascar. Or the entire continent of Australia having pretty much only marsupials as an indigenous species. Isolated from other populations the genes responsible for those changes produced monotrems, egg laying mammals like our ancestors. Our own bodies contain vestigial structures and biological avatism. How about embryology? I could continue but I think it might be a waste of time. I know the Earth isn't flat, I do wonder about you. All your post proves is how misinformed you are, and sadly proud of it. My phone's spell check made that more difficult than it should have been.
  8. The funny thing is modern science and the data says he is wrong. All he has is the misconception of the second law of thermodynamics. No data or science to speak of.
  9. Birds of a feather, I guess. I never liked the show. I hated Red Jacked appeal before it was fashionable. I met a guy recently who was boasting about working in their shop, we were discussing a Romanian Dragunov. I asked him about the pedophilia rape, my guess is at some point he will stop bragging about Red Jacket. In all fairness he knew a thing or two about Dragunov rifles.
  10. I miss all the antique weapons. When I was younger I complained about all the old junk. Now it is all EBR's and I miss the old junk.
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