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  1. yamaraja

    Trigger group help

    Follow up to the problem I was having with the disconnector grabbing the hammer with a fully released trigger. This was a RRA lpk and a Code Red lower. The fix at the time was to remove .035 off the disconnector to get the proper clearance. I was leaning towards the lower being slightly out of spec and even contacted Detriot Gun Works about the problem. Yesterday I got 2 Palmetto Moe lpk's in, and one M&A lpk. I just tried both the M&A and the Palmetto and neither had the issue in my lower and both function perfectly. The problem was either the trigger itself or the disconnector or spring in the RRA lpk. Just updating unless anyone else has a similar problem. I have seen others post of this issue in other forums. The disconnector spring in the RRA kit was a disconnector spring. They are easy to tell apart if you have both in your hand. Thank you gents.
  2. yamaraja


    10 rounds thru each upper works perfect. Drove up in the mountains in a snow storm to check it out, lol.
  3. yamaraja


    My uppers are PSA, ones getting a YM N/M M16 Chrome bolt, the other an AR Stoner from Midway. Am I hearing you guys dont like PSA's quality control? Should I have these checked?
  4. yamaraja

    Trigger group help

    I posted on this at AR15.com and no one knew WTF I was talking about so thank you. As I posted before I already did lap down the front of the disconnector to get the clearance. I am also wondering if perhaps I inadvertantly stretched the disconnector spring as I installed it and then pulled it out and put it in again. Since you said "if I got the right springs", could it be that a spring that is just a bit longer could cause the problem also. Such as a disconnector spring that was stretched? This is my first build, of 3 I am doing. Thank you
  5. yamaraja

    Trigger group help

    Thank you. I just ordered a new disconnector and disconnector spring this morning from RRA just in case I had gotten a bad one. I guess that was a waste of money, lol. I have 2 PSA PLK's that will be here next week. I will replace the RRA with one of those and see how it works. I also have one coming from M&A Parts as well. So thats 4 LPK's and 3 lowers so I may just trash the RRA set.
  6. yamaraja

    Trigger group help

    I just installed a RRA lower build kit in my lower. When I push the hammer back it engages the trigger, locks in place and works like its supposed to. If I push the hammer as far back as it will go it engages the disconnecter and then will not release until I push down on the rear of the disconnector. This is with the trigger released. I triple checked that everything was installed properly but the disconnector still held the hammer with the trigger released. I then removed .035 off the front of the disconnector to time the disconnector giving it .020 clearance which got it working properly Does anyone know if there is a Mil-spec for the clearance between the hammer and disconnector when the trigger is released and the hammer is fully depressed to the rear? I have .020 clearance now but am worried that if I get buildup under the trigger the disconnector may start grabbing the hammer again with the trigger released. Which will stop the weapon from firing. Thank you