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  1. we may have a winner.... on further examination, when slowly inserting the magazine with the slide locked back, the follower does indeed touch the inner part of the slide release lever, moving it downward in the magazine. when checking the slide release lever after "releasing" the slide, it seems as if the lever moves down enough to allow the detent pin to catch at the bottom of the flat piece that the detent pin rides against, if i push up on the lever after "releasing" the locked back slide, then upon pulling the slide back engages the lever as normal. it seems as if the hole the lever "tab" that gets pushed up by the follower, has ben modified to allow the lever to travel lower and be too "stiff" with the detent pin to allow the mag follower spring to push it up, or the mag follower spring is weak? these were backordered when i placed my midway order [was ordering parts for an AR15 build] so i will look for a pair somewhere else, as well as clean this thing and lube that detent to see if maybe its just sticking, though i can push it right up with my thumb, but the follower spring pressure is not enough. doug
  2. midway lists the followers, but seems to have the same cutout [hard to tell, as it shows the wrong side] but it "looks" like the same cutout on the left front corner. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/227672/smith-and-wesson-magazine-follower-s-and-w-1006-1026-1066-1076-1086 anybody know for sure? thanks douglas hunt
  3. yes, hopefully i can find a couple followers, i have found a source for new mags, but cant tell if they have this follower or not, i am including a few pics which looks like the follower is made this way. nevermind i cant post pics, will have to find a host for them first. douglas hunt
  4. new guy here, have a question about a smith 1086 I just picked up a S&W 1086 and havent even had a chance to shoot with it yet. however i notice when it has the empty clip in and i pull back the slide it doesnt lock back on the slide release lever. looking at the two magazines that came with it, they both have a cutout on the left side of the follower, so as to not to activate the slide release lever. manually engaging the slide release lever, you can install the magazine and see that the cutout in the follower is where the follower should push up on the slide release lever. is this normal?, ie: did smith make it this way? as in part of the DAO action? or am i missing something? thanks Doug Hunt
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