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  1. stanzuray

    Yukon Men

    I'll try to answer a few questions. All the AR's in the village are 223 cal that I know of. They are used alot here and in many villages up and down the Yukon River. This winter has been milder but still got to 55 below or so. Snow is only a few feet but this is normal for Tanana. My international truck used to be a suburban but I cut off the roof and back (make it a pickup) and welded on an old pickup bed when the sides fell off after a number of years. Always read the website just never posted or was a member. If interested in the Yukon Men show I did a trapping website interview that explains alot. Can find at: http://www.trapperpredatorcaller.com/article-index/yukon-men-star-stan-zuray-stands-up-for-hunting-trapping Thanks, Stan
  2. stanzuray

    Yukon Men

    Thanks for the welcome. Into trapping, fishing, hunting and guns. Believe me - no big star - not in this village. Stan
  3. stanzuray

    Yukon Men

    Dear AR15 members, Saw the following comment on another website and thought my reply to it might be helpful here. (comment : "I was buying into the no reason for hunters to use "assault" rifles, until i started watching "Alaska: the last frontier", '"Yukon Men" or "Alaska State Police" on the Discovery channel. All the homesteaders in Alaska carried semi-automatic" assault "rifles, even when hunting"). I'm one of the guys on Yukon Men. Today as well as when I came to Alaska to live in an interior village on the Yukon River 40 years ago, many persons hunt with semi auto 223 cal rifles. The majority of them are being called assault rifles now. Leaving the anti gun debate to more educated persons, the fact is they make very good hunting guns. They are often well made and the 223 caliber is very suited to any animal up to caribou and while I myself prefer a larger rifle many use it for moose and bear often using the guns ability to place multiple shots accurately to do so. Ammo is smaller so cheaper and the larger capacity of the magazine simply means one carries all the bullets in one place while one is out for days as is often the case. It does not mean it takes 15 rounds to hunt a single animal. The world may find in it's "wisdom" that these guns are not to be owned but don't think for one minute they have no place in the woods. They are excelent survival tools. This is reality up here. Stan Zuray
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