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  1. 2 meke


    Nice thread. . Not surprised the army went LMT mars rifle after the tender process seeing as they had all ready gone with its big 308 brother a few years earlier. Some good quality kit
  2. 2 meke

    Hey 2 meke

    Cheers gentlemen. Just spent 5 days with the old man at his farm in the boonies. No internet or cell phone coverage was awesome.
  3. 2 meke

    Do's and don'ts of being a doper...

    Reminds me of a guy here who phoned the police because somebody he knew had burgled his marijuana he had growing at his house and wanted him arrested for it .
  4. 2 meke

    Buffer Retainer Pin / Buffer Tube Help

    I would crank it one more turn and maybe grind out a little V notch gap where i think the pin head will poke through .
  5. 2 meke

    Birth year muscle/sports cars

    My uncle had the 6 cylinder one and i got to drive it in the late 80's. Very smooth car it was.
  6. 2 meke

    Birth year muscle/sports cars

    Gonna have to defy you Red and bring in this 1970-71 aussie charger
  7. 2 meke

    Cutting Yourself...

    One of the most satisfying feelings is after you have been chewed on by fleas and mosquitos , grab a sharp fish fillet knife and scrape up and down your legs and arms. It feels so good. Like stropping a cut throat razor on a leather belt. Got to be careful and focus , don't get too carried away in the moment or else its sushi legs for you.
  8. 2 meke

    I paid $203 for 6 spark plugs

    I have the oposite problem with my local grease monkey. . I needed a suction control valve replaced on my diesel pump so i imported the part OEM from an overseas manufacturer, not vendor.. It cost me 6 x times less than buying local. My mechanic installed it as asked and charged me 1 hour labour which is the minimum charge he could do. He also replace a blown break light bulb with out asking me too and charged me $3 for the part. Normally a bulb is about $8 at an auto parts store.
  9. 2 meke

    For the Benefit of Mr. Kite

    Also read somewhere that Paul mcCarntney rates the bass on this song one of his more difficult songs to play.
  10. 2 meke

    Why is it? Bombs in movies...

    Why do people trip over all the time when trying to evade scary monsters?
  11. 2 meke

    Woohoo, looks like I'm the next one getting rich!

    Smells like its from an english as a second language crowd. Even the Doc Holiday reference is a wee bit hokey.
  12. 2 meke

    Two clone builds in the works

    Cheers. Thats a nice rifle. I like the early models with fixed carry handles and triangle hand gaurds. Do you have any pictures of pre 1965 military issue ar15's by any chance..? I believe they may have been made by colt but referred to as armalites.
  13. 2 meke

    Two clone builds in the works

    What are the notable differences between a 67- 70 model rifle compared to the 71 model?
  14. 2 meke

    Thieves vs. Robbers..

    The robber could get a job in WWE wrestling by the way he sold that take down move and struggled under the weight of all those snacks.