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  1. 2 meke

    OK Let the Impeachment BEGIN

    Anyone would think the Trump team set a trap and the deep state walked right in to it.
  2. 2 meke

    Pictures......Yep Pictures.....

    Beautiful pics. They are well taken and crystal clear. Nice wagon and scenery too. I find it intersting your petrol is 87 89 and 92 octane. Ours is 91 95 and 98. We get ripped off.
  3. 2 meke

    Had to buy some tires.....

    Thanks for the reply. I had actually bought a set of four tyres yesterday used. About 2 thirds life left in them. I needed two tyres fast to get my truck in a road legal condition so i went the second hand route. Cost me the equivelent of 120 usa bucks for the four. Im pretty happy as one brand new tyre would retail for $200 u.s. down here. I havent fitted them yet but will get it done today so i can get my roadworthy sticker. I will be happy to get at least 10.000 miles out of them before i buy new. This is just a quick stop gap measure as im short on cash at the moment. I will keep an eye out for the falken wildpeak at3's cheers.
  4. 2 meke

    Had to buy some tires.....

    howzit mate. Its an old thread but Just wanting to know how these Dynapros went for you. How many kms/ miles did you get out of a set etc.? how they handled when the trad got down ?
  5. 2 meke

    Christ Church NZ active mosque shooter

    Thats true, but if you are a shop. But like drugs etc, if you really want something you can find it.
  6. Old bikes are cheap but when they get too old they become exspensive again. i was looking at HD motorcycles on our auction site. What do yall think a 1926 model is worth? Currently its about 10k u.s
  7. 2 meke


    Nice thread. . Not surprised the army went LMT mars rifle after the tender process seeing as they had all ready gone with its big 308 brother a few years earlier. Some good quality kit
  8. 2 meke

    Hey 2 meke

    Cheers gentlemen. Just spent 5 days with the old man at his farm in the boonies. No internet or cell phone coverage was awesome.
  9. 2 meke

    Do's and don'ts of being a doper...

    Reminds me of a guy here who phoned the police because somebody he knew had burgled his marijuana he had growing at his house and wanted him arrested for it .
  10. 2 meke

    Buffer Retainer Pin / Buffer Tube Help

    I would crank it one more turn and maybe grind out a little V notch gap where i think the pin head will poke through .
  11. 2 meke

    Birth year muscle/sports cars

    My uncle had the 6 cylinder one and i got to drive it in the late 80's. Very smooth car it was.
  12. 2 meke

    Birth year muscle/sports cars

    Gonna have to defy you Red and bring in this 1970-71 aussie charger
  13. 2 meke

    Cutting Yourself...

    One of the most satisfying feelings is after you have been chewed on by fleas and mosquitos , grab a sharp fish fillet knife and scrape up and down your legs and arms. It feels so good. Like stropping a cut throat razor on a leather belt. Got to be careful and focus , don't get too carried away in the moment or else its sushi legs for you.