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  1. Sad news , He was a good fellow. RIP Alpo.
  2. Yeah i heard about American diesel. Some states put colouring in the farm diesel because its cheaper than road going diesel . Police can pull you over and check which diesel you have in the tank by its colour and if your running the cheap grade you get a citation ?? Heres another scam i heard.. Because that big arse ship got stuck in the suez canal , it held up all the oil tankers and so we are expecting gas prices to go up. Only problem is, we dont get oil from the middle east, it comes from somewhere around Singapore. These assholes while try and put prices up at the first sign of a shortage but are real slow at dropping the price when theres oversupply. Also i have noticed gas has gone up here 20 cents since christmas or about the time you guys stuck a potato in the oval office.
  3. . Wow..an imperial gallon is 4.54 liters. Thats about $6.30 usd a gallon or $9 kiwi bucks a gallon. Thats heaps!. The diesel doesnt have tax on it. But if you have a road going diesel vehicle like cars and pick up truck, big trucks like Kenworths and Volvos etc , need to buy road user tax . My pick up is a nissan navara ( frontier) and its 3 tonne which is about 7 cents a kilometer. Heavier you are the more you pay.
  4. Still cheaper than NZ. And this is a today only discount of 10c /liter. http://
  5. She may have survived 3 weeks by drinking her urine and foraging for undigested corn kernels. Then again she may have found refuge with four ninja turtles and a talking rat.
  6. Heres my old work horse. 09 Honda trx 500. it goes good an d reliable. http:// http://
  7. Thats a nice score. I have an uncle who made the switch from Honda to Can-am about a year ago too. He uses them in his forestry tree planting business, the side by side atv unit. He was telling me he can get up and over logs and up hills that would leave his old Honda in the dust. Its because Can -Am put racing technology in their farm hacks he says. He's been a honda man for 30 plus years . Meanwhile I still plod around on a honda trx 500. I think on paper mine has 29 horse's and i feel it struggle towing trailers or with a 60 liter spray unit on, especially up hills.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QV7EsL3H8Bw Just as good as their old man.
  9. So far i like the dewalt tool. The inpact driver is real good. The drill caught me out a few times. Helped a mate put up a tin shed. One of those packs you buy at a store and drill /rivet together. Stupid thing needs 3mm holes drilled for the rivets. Tiny crappy little things. Gave the dewalt a spin and snapped my drill bit right away. Swapped out to 3.5 mm drill bit and snapped that on the second hole. I put it down to user error and crappy drill bits. I suggested throwing those rivets away and use self tappers .
  10. I made a purchase. Dewalt . I got an offer i couldnt refuse. I looked on facebook marketplace and a young fella was selling a brand new unopened kit for super cheap. Theres a lot of them on facebook with people selling brand new tools. I figured they had doubles or spares and so were selling to recoup some of the cost of buying kits. Anyways, hes in the next town over so i go have a look to see if its legit and legal. Sure enough he has receipts and dockets when and where he bought them two days ago. So i ask him why hes selling it, the battery is still sealed and everything in plastic bags inside the de,walt box. Basically he is unemployed and the government buy these guys tools to help set them up to get employment. So he got his tools 2 days ago and was flipping them off for cash to me. He says they all do it!. So i literally got a dewalt DCF 887 and DCF 796 6.0 amp flex volt battery and charger for about half retail And i got the receipts . Dewalt give a 3 year warranty and a 1 year free service if it shats itself.
  11. Howzit mate. Yeah been good, keeping out of mischief. Yeah batteries are pretty exspensive across all the brands if you buy them stand alone. Ridgid seem the better deal for batteries If i get them in a kit along with the tool. It works out cheaper. Ridgid /AEG give us a 6 year tool and 3 year battery warranty. Thats pretty good for a tradesman grade tool. I like that i can get a lawn mower that takes the batteries too. I have this job where i mow grass on a zero turn for 4 hours and then need to push a regular mower for 30 seconds. It takes me longer to start the bloody thing. My dad runs the Makita brand, he has about 6 tools and 2 6ah batteries. They are a good brand but in the Milwaukee and Hitabo budget range for me.
  12. Im about to splash out on a new set of tools. I need a new impact driver and a cordless grinder and i may as well upgrade the hammer drill too. My old ones which are getting tired i gave away to a relative. They were no name basic 18 volt tools. They went okay and did what i asked of them but were pretty weak though. Like it wouldnt crack the nut off a quad bike wheel. Anyways, ive been doing a bit of homework on youtube watching reviews and i kind of narrowed my picks down to two. Was actually three but i cant afford one of them and that was Milwaukee. So for price and performance im tossing up between DeWalt and AEG. AEG is Ridgid in your guys market. Anybody have any pro's or con's with either brand? Cost is very similar , its a toss up between orange or yellow.
  13. Beautiful pics. They are well taken and crystal clear. Nice wagon and scenery too. I find it intersting your petrol is 87 89 and 92 octane. Ours is 91 95 and 98. We get ripped off.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I had actually bought a set of four tyres yesterday used. About 2 thirds life left in them. I needed two tyres fast to get my truck in a road legal condition so i went the second hand route. Cost me the equivelent of 120 usa bucks for the four. Im pretty happy as one brand new tyre would retail for $200 u.s. down here. I havent fitted them yet but will get it done today so i can get my roadworthy sticker. I will be happy to get at least 10.000 miles out of them before i buy new. This is just a quick stop gap measure as im short on cash at the moment. I will keep an eye out for the falken wildpeak at3's cheers.
  15. howzit mate. Its an old thread but Just wanting to know how these Dynapros went for you. How many kms/ miles did you get out of a set etc.? how they handled when the trad got down ?
  16. Thats true, but if you are a shop. But like drugs etc, if you really want something you can find it.
  17. Old bikes are cheap but when they get too old they become exspensive again. i was looking at HD motorcycles on our auction site. What do yall think a 1926 model is worth? Currently its about 10k u.s
  18. Nice thread. . Not surprised the army went LMT mars rifle after the tender process seeing as they had all ready gone with its big 308 brother a few years earlier. Some good quality kit
  19. 2 meke

    Hey 2 meke

    Cheers gentlemen. Just spent 5 days with the old man at his farm in the boonies. No internet or cell phone coverage was awesome.
  20. Reminds me of a guy here who phoned the police because somebody he knew had burgled his marijuana he had growing at his house and wanted him arrested for it .
  21. I would crank it one more turn and maybe grind out a little V notch gap where i think the pin head will poke through .
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