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  1. Hey guys we've got complete upper receivers in stock in several different variants including Vltor MUR, Billet, and forged receivers starting at $599 Pick and choose different options for your various needs. check out http://www.kearms.com/ke15-uppers for more details! http://www.kearms.com/ke15-upper-forged -KE Arms AR-15 Forged 7075, Mil-Spec, T marked, flat top upper receiver -Wilson Arms 16” Carbine, 5.56 NATO 1:7 black phosphate barrel -Young Mfg. AR-15 complete bolt carrier group -Mil-Spec charging handle -KE Arms 12.5” free float quad rail system -Billet low profile gas block (.750) -Mil-Spec bird cage flash hider http://www.kearms.com/ke15-upper-billet -Billet AR-15 6061, T marked, flat top, upper receiver -Wilson Arms 16” Carbine, 5.56 NATO 1:9 Stainless Steel, bead blasted barrel -Young Mfg. AR-15 complete bold carrier group -BCM Gunfighter MOD 3 charging handle -Mil-Spec bird cage flash hider -Billet low profile gas block (.750) http://www.kearms.com/ke15-upper-vltor -Vltor MUR-1A AR-15/M16 Mil-Spec, forged 7075 upper receiver, MilStd 1913 Flat top, T marked, w/ shell deflector and forward assist -Wilson Arms 16” Carbine, 5.56 NATO, 1:7 Twist, phosphate barrel -Young Mfg. AR-15 complete bolt carrier group -BCM Gunfighter MOD 3 Charging handle -Mil-Spec birdcage flash hider -Billet low profile gas block (.750)
  2. We've got Complete Forged Uppers in stock! Forward assist and eject door installed. Check em out! Have a great weekend!
  3. Check out our 4th of July Sale! http://www.kearms.com
  4. From the response we have received from users, most everybody says they love them. We have not had any complaints and in the price range that it falls into its definitely the best bang for the buck! We have other great deals as well for our 4th of July SALE! http://www.kearms.com
  5. http://www.kearms.com http://www.kearms.com
  6. We use this trigger on all of our range guns and we have only had good experiences with it. Its described as smooth pull with a crisp break. If you are in AZ or TX you can come down and demo it for yourself!
  7. No Coupon Code required! Its available now on our site! www.kearms.com
  8. Hey all, We've got Pmags starting at $12.95 in stock ready to ship! http://www.kearms.com/magazines
  9. KE Arms is having a 4th of July Sale! CMMG AR-15 Lower Parts Kits are on sale for only $57.95- http://www.kearms.com/ar15-lower-parts-kit We have great deals on other parts you need as well! Billet Lowers Forged Lowers Barrels Carbine Receiver End Plate with QD Sling Swivel Attachment .308 Lower Receiver Parts Kit Billet 80% KE.308 Lower -KE Arms
  10. KE Arms has forged stripped lowers for only $109.95 - http://www.kearms.com/ke15-lower-forged and Billet Lowers for only $169.95- http://www.kearms.com/ke15-lower In stock and ready to ship!
  11. Hey Everyone! KE Arms is having a 4th of July Sale and our CCMG AR-15 Lower parts kit is on sale for only $57.95! You wont find a deal like this anywhere! Get them now while you can! http://www.kearms.com/ar15-lower-parts-kit -KE Arms
  12. Bolt Carrier Groups in stock, Black, National Match and M-16 carriers available. Starting at $149.99 http://www.kearms.com Staking available. AR-15 National Match AR-15 M-16 http://www.kearms.com We also have P-mags (gen2) $14.95
  13. Our receiver is compatible with and jig that can be used with a forging,
  14. Gentlemen were now offering a limited special of a free M2 PMAG with the purchase of any receiver! We have a limited quantity so get them while you can. -Buyer responsible for compliance with local state and federal regulations regarding any products sold on our website.
  15. Attention fellow firearms enthusiast, After the overwhelming amount of response for 80% AR-10 lower receivers we’ve received, KE Arms has decided to begin taking pre-orders and push the launch date up on our new AR-10 platform. Please follow the link to our site for more info. www.KEarms.com KE ARMS is now accepting Pre-orders for our 80% AR-10 platform starting at $199.95. -SR-25/DPMS/Magpul Magazine Compatible -7075 Billet Aluminum -Jigs And Complete Lowers To Follow WWW.KEARMS.COM
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