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  1. I can't, haven't posted enough yet. I would appreciate it very much
  2. Greg, thanks for the advice on where to look for barrel specs and material. AI are the people who really got me interested in the .338 a few years ago. I like what they did with the rifle. When it comes time to do the deep drilling and rifling I am planning on taking it in to a quality gunsmith to have him do it, I don't trust myself with that kind of work yet, if ever, and with the action I like the Remington 700 style myself. I would like to do as much of the work on this build as I possibly can, I'm also wondering if you have any personal recommendation to the type of action design to follow, I know almost any long action will do, but I'm not looking to create a special one just for me. I am planning on going through McMillan for the stock and bolt personally, but I will look into AI to see what they have for bolts. Also, while I was scouring the internet for more information on how to build an action, I ran across a thread in a different forum about "mirage steel?" what is it and how accessible is it to get here in the states? Again thanks for your input on this, all of it has helped out alot.
  3. I figured that it was long action, but my goal is to machine everything but the bolt and tiger mechanism.
  4. I'm just getting into the home rifle building side of firearms ownership and one of my ultimate goals out of this is to build my own .338 Lapua rifle. As I get started into everything I want to do my research now on my ultimate build. I want to start off with the type of receiver that a typical .338 LM uses. This is going to be a bolt action, magazine fed repeater. I am open to any suggestions to metal type I should use, barrel length and twist rate for the rifling. Any input is welcome and helpful, just please no one saying to just go buy one, I know it would be a faster more efficient way to go about getting a .338 but I want this one to be totally unique and my own and built of my own hand and hard work. Thanks in advance for the help and advice
  5. So is what you are saying is that it is indeed impossible to do at home with ordinary home tools?
  6. Ok, today at work I got into a debate on whether or not it is possible to reload a spent .22 Long Rifle round. The thing is that I personally reload my own ammo for almost all the guns that I shoot, 7mm, .30-06, 7.62x54, ect. and an individual that I work with told me that it is possible to reload a .22LR. After some arguing, he managed to pull up a thread on a forum that said someone took the red strike portion of some matches, crushed them up and added water to it to make it stick to the bottom of the casing. It went on in the thread that he allowed the mixture of water and crushed match to dry over night and added a #4 shot BB to the end of the cartridge and successfully fired it through a phone book at 15 yards. Being as i reload my own, i have always believed that it is not only impractical to reload a .22LR, but impossible because the primer is put into the rim using centrifugal force to put it there. He is standing by that it can be done firmly and I am holding true to the mechanics and my knowledge of reloading that it can't be done. Right now I'm looking for clarification just in case that I'm wrong. Any help and input is helpful, so if you have anything to say about this please add it to this thread. Thanks, Mathias
  7. I've spent the last few years looking for an MP5/10 and this MP5/40 is the closest I have been able to find so far. I mean I would prefer having it in the 10mm but I am willing to settle for the .40SW because I know it's just a necked down 10mm. The magazines wouldn't be too much of a problem because I can still get them directly from HK, just expensive. I think now that you mentioned it I'm going to send HK an email about rechambering and if the magazine wells are the same size between the .40 and the 10. And a very big thank you to all of you who put in your advice about it. It has helped alot in my research. Again thank you.
  8. This may sound like a dumb question but, I recently came into contact with an HK MP5/40 and I was wondering if it would be possible to rechamber the weapon to fire 10mm. And if so where would my best bet to have this done be that isn't going to cost me an ass hole and a fortune to do. Thanks
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