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  1. Joel74

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from South Texas
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    Good Morning!

    Good Morning!
  3. Joel74

    Eddie Money Dead at 70

    Aw man. RIP
  4. With all the talk about new gun legislation one of my co-workers who I talk all things gun with, said the following, "any of these laws that are passed where we have to turn something in will just be ignored. Just look at NY Safe Act. Most people didn't comply with the law." My response was maybe not, but now there are many people who are felons, that haven't be prosecuted. The anti's are playing the long game. It works even better if you don't turn in your firearms. If you do you can still keep and purchase legal guns. Once prosecuted as a felon you wouldn't be able to own any firearm. Nothing, zilch, nada. Either way they win.
  5. Joel74

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from South Texas
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    Good Morning!

    Good Morning! 
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    Does Rush get paid by Apple?

    Pull my finger.
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    Hey hawk

    Happy Birthday
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    Good Morning!

    Good morning from South Texas
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    Good Morning!

    Good Morning! 
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    According to this article they've been losing money on rifles for years. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/colt-halts-sales-of-long-guns-to-the-retail-market/ In response to the news, one industry insider told us . . .
  12. Joel74

    Colt LE6960 Upper

    It's really your call. My first build, well I did build out the lower, used a BCM Upper. Sounds like you'd probably be more pleased buying the BCM. I just went to the Bravo Company site and priced out the BCM ELW 16" upper with bolt carrier group and charging handle and the price was $910.90. Depending on your funds only you can decide if it's worth spending that kind of money for an upper.
  13. Joel74

    Colt LE6960 Upper

    We think alike on this one.
  14. Joel74

    Back steps are coming...**done!**

    Just saw this and couldn't resist posting here. Funny how life works.
  15. From the link: Female players start out with 1,900 Monopoly dollars, while male players get 1,500 bucks. What about Transgender? Do they get $3,400? $1900 + $1,500 = $3,400. If not, WHY NOT?!!! It's time for the transgender to demand a change from HASBRO. That or a boycott of the company is the only answer.