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  1. Joel74

    Conceal Carry Insurance

    Please move to General Talk or 2nd Amendment.
  2. Joel74

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from South Texas
  3. Joel74

    Conceal Carry Insurance

    What do you use and what do you like about it? I let my USCCA Membership expire. Not sure if I'm going to renew or get something else.
  4. Joel74


    You may also be interested in finding a receiver with last round bolt hold open. A search turned this up. https://angstadtarms.com/product/1045-lower-receiver-for-glock/ https://angstadtarms.com/product/1045-receiver-set-for-glock/ http://www.mlsarms.com/Glock-Mag-45-ACP-AR-Billet-Receiver-Set-wLRBHO_p_181.html
  5. Joel74


    If it were me. I'd still go with Glock. Readily available and even Magpul make replacement Glock magazines.
  6. Joel74

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from South Texas
  7. Joel74

    Hey Daveco

    Happy Birthday
  8. Joel74

    Hey brickrider

    Happy Birthday
  9. Joel74

    Good news on the GOA bumpstockj suit!

    Lawsuits aren't filed on the Hill. Just sayin'. It takes people fighting on all fronts to keep the gun grabbers at bay. Some work at the local, some at the state and finally some at the federal level. I try to stay ingauged at all levels. Your involvement is appreciated. Just don't think we are so easily lied to. Politics is complicated. Can't tell you how many times in my lifetime I've voted for the lesser of two evils.
  10. Joel74

    Things Are Heating Up In PA

    Only lost if they chose to comply. Organize a big enough group and watch Califorina make an exception.
  11. Joel74

    Good news on the GOA bumpstockj suit!

    Join the organizations you want if you want. Stay active in the issues and contact your representatives. Vote for the best candidate. While not a lifetime member in the NRA I've been a member since Sandy Hook. Yeah, late to the party, but better late than never. A quick look in my wallet. NRA membership card GOA membership card NAGR membership card. TSRA membership card (Texas State Rifle Association) TXGR membership card (Texas Gun Rights) Shirt pocket. US Constitution & Declaration of Independece