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  1. It uses a bolt extension that has o-rings to keep it installed. As far as the Phase 5 it's worked as advertised. I haven't had problems. See this video. You can see all the parts.
  2. Yes I have nothing but good experience with the LAW Tactical on my SBR lower. I can carry it in a regular backpack with the suppressor removed. This is with my 300 Blackout upper. 21" folded. 28-1/8" unfolded with stock extended to shoulder fire. 35-1/8" same condition as second picture with suppressor.
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    Good morning from South Texas
  4. By clicking on his name in red that's underlined it takes you to his page with the email address . I hope he takes you up on the invite. E-mail: jacksonkernion@berkeley.edu
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    Good morning from South Texas
  6. Joel74: "Berkeley Professor's are communist brainwashers."
  7. I want a magazine with 100 clips that hold 12 bullets.1,200 rounds of ammo in 1 magazine. Having 31.5lbs of 223 might be hard to handle though.
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    Detroit Roaches

    Threw a shoe at roach and was shot. Did the roach shoot him? Maybe not funny. I my smartass kicked in.
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    Good morning from South Texas