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  1. Joel74

    Hey Warlike

    Happy Birthday
  2. Joel74

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from South Texas
  3. Yet another reason not to watch Disney or ESPN.
  4. Joel74

    Chick-fil-A Has a New Sales Slogan

    Measure. Over 1/2" of lettuce will spread mustard on my beard. Keep it in or close to the edge.
  5. Joel74

    The Next Anti-2A angle

    Walk the tightrope. Keep the discussion going. Just a reminder no personal attacks. The cities and states under communist rule don't have the ability to apply logic. They'll continue as usual. JMHO.
  6. Joel74

    Why I'm skeptical of masks

    I haven't found it but my local morning talk show had a guest who said that the CDC had studied the wearing of masks for 40 years and they were not effective. Guess that's why they said you don't need a mask before saying you do. The politics of fake science/medicine amazes me.
  7. Joel74

    Why I'm skeptical of masks

    A bandanna or cloth mask might keep out pollen but a virus propelled by a cough or sneeze. Give me a break. Even the n95 masks have trouble keeping out drywall dust.
  8. Joel74

    Chick-fil-A Has a New Sales Slogan

    I'm not anti-lettuce, but keep it within a 1/2" of the bun.
  9. Joel74

    Déjà vu (Working from home AGAIN)

    Your numbers for yesterday. https://txdshs.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/0d8bdf9be927459d9cb11b9eaef6101f Trauma Service Area: Q Population Estimate 2020 6,688,587 Total Staffed Hospital Beds 12,572 Available Hospital Beds 2,429 Available ICU Beds 154 Available Ventilators 1,192 Lab-Confirmed COVID-19 Patients in Hospital 2,656
  10. Joel74

    Déjà vu (Working from home AGAIN)

    Oh I agree with the numbers. It's just that we have only so much hospital space for our Area. I just really don't believe you can slow down the transmission by having people stay indoors and weaken their immune. I get sunshine even from the house. These were yesterdays numbers for my area. Trauma Service Area: U Population Estimate 2020 630,897 Total Staffed Hospital Beds 1,405 Available Hospital Beds 353 Available ICU Beds 7 Available Ventilators 117 Lab-Confirmed COVID-19 Patients in Hospital 249
  11. Well here we go again. Was told yesterday afternoon to start working from home again. I almost understand why this go round. Corpus Christi has almost all of the Hospitals for the surrounding area and it's filling up fast. My doctor was telling me herd immunity should kick in soon. They've stopped all elective surgeries again. I watch all the COVID-19 metrics for Texas. The only one that should concern anyone is hospitalizations. The death rate is steady even as infections increase. I don't trust any numbers expect hospital space. At this point I'm not even sure they aren't being exaggerated.
  12. Joel74

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from South Texas
  13. Joel74

    Supreme Court Upholds Cellphone Robocall Ban

    You mean her middle name isn't BS? Then my second guess would be beotch.