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  1. Marked with the same cross as other soldiers.
  2. The lady second from the right brings us our good morning breakfast some days.
  3. That's what I was going to suggest. My OCD would be looking for that fix. You'd have to probably make a cutout at on the wall tile for the wall outlet. Edit: If you have to make a cutout for the outlet. It might need to be moved to center in the tile.
  4. Joel74

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from South Texas
  5. https://bearingarms.com/cam-e/2020/11/24/scotus-accepts-case-dealing-with-gun-seizures/?fbclid=IwAR2bZHQg09FBp4vniqLsjjiRm9Q0hZ2orMtrVd1XMAM84AnOE3Qikpc-94g It’s not a case that specifically deals with the right to keep and bear arms, but the Supreme Court has agreed to hear a challenge to the seizure of a Rhode Island man’s lawfully owned firearms by police back in 2015. The case, known as Caniglia v. Strom, could serve as a vehicle for the Court to expound on the right to keep and bear arms, though the main question that the justices will have to answer instead revolves around our Fourth Amendment right to be secure in our persons and property against unreasonable searches and seizures. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. It could be the beginning of protections against red flag laws.
  6. Joel74

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from South Texas
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