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  1. Shooter416

    Who we got from GA?

    Guyton,Ga here. Southeast part of state all my life.
  2. Shooter416

    Good Morning!

    Good Saturday to everybody.
  3. Shooter416


    It sure doesn't take long to catch either.
  4. Shooter416

    Navy seal dies in Arizona.

    Parachute accident... Hell of a way to die.Thoughts and prayers to the family,and the teams.
  5. Shooter416

    My friend was murdered

    right in his face!!!
  6. Shooter416

    New to AR-15's and the Armory

    Welcome to the forum!
  7. Shooter416

    Good Morning!

    Good morning!!
  8. Shooter416

    Removing A2 sight, adding gas block

    and right now everything is so hard to find at a good price if you can find it at all.
  9. Shooter416

    Removing A2 sight, adding gas block

    I was very surprised at how simple it was. After I watched the vids I still had to build up the courage to do it lol.
  10. Shooter416

    Removing A2 sight, adding gas block

    bird cage no vise needed.just a wood block. Punch size a 1/16 th and a 3/32.watched a couple of YouTube vids and went after it.
  11. Shooter416

    Removing A2 sight, adding gas block

    just a couple of punches and a crescent for the bird cage.and believe me if I can do it anybody can.
  12. Shooter416

    New member- Got questions

    yes they do:)
  13. Shooter416

    Jammed Safety

    If you remove the grip and take the safety spring and detent pin.maybe that may work.then reinstall .
  14. Shooter416

    BCG Question

    This site does have a lot of very helpful people. You will get an answer for sure. ;)