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  1. Diesel Dan

    Oregon might end-

    Sickening thought
  2. Diesel Dan

    Who uses an electric razor?

    I never had luck with electric razors, seems my whiskers are too fat to fit through the guard or something. I use expensive gillette turbo super dooper 5 blade or whatever, work great but I still dull them too fast. I shave twice a week usually, and trim the beard down with a sideburn trimmer first, then take a shower. Also Electric razors rip my neck up. I would kill my self with a straight razor for sure, I'm too impatient.
  3. Diesel Dan

    Had to buy some tires.....

    Last set of 285/70R17E BFG A/T's for my Duramax ran me $1,050.00 Hard to beat em for a work truck tire though, great in rain and snow, decent offroad. Currently running 305/65R17E BFG KM2's for the warmer months. You don't even want to know what those cost. I don't like to get stuck!
  4. Diesel Dan

    Another active shooter, in a gun free zone.

    Going to re-oil the rifles and rotate ammo in the mags tmrw.
  5. Diesel Dan

    Female teacher accused of molesting male students

    I had a couple teachers in 7th and 8th grade I would have sold my left nut to devil himself if they would only molest me 1 time...
  6. Diesel Dan

    Bodies of WWII US Marines recovered in Pacific

    And when he gets to heaven, to St. Peter he will tell "One more soldier reporting sir, I've served my time in hell."
  7. Diesel Dan

    Fast Food French Fries Taste Test Winner Gets an Asterisk

    peanut oil and/or pork fat in a cast iron stove. little salt and you'll be eating lawn clippings, and loving it.
  8. Diesel Dan

    Cure for Copenhagen!

    I used to dip 3 cans a day. Tapered down to 1 can then quit. Still love a good "dooger" I chew when working sometimes now but only a couple days a week. Still nice for working late with no dinner.
  9. Diesel Dan

    What a waste of money.....

    I like this man. Creativity is man's blessed advantage over the beast.
  10. Diesel Dan

    Iraq lost 2,300 Humvee armoured vehicles in Mosul

    nuke iraq.