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  1. Let me know if you ever want to get rid of your DD Omega Piston Rail... I know I'm resurrecting this thread, but they don't produce these anymore and they are IMO the best option for a FF rail system on a large piston system.
  2. mnm3

    Hey Colorado Peeps

    That is not to say I don't love the state of Colorado itself... its just some of the people living in it that I don't particularly care for. It definitely doesn't help that this state has a bad history of gun massacres...
  3. mnm3

    Hey Colorado Peeps

    If it were my choice (which it wasn't...work related) I would not have chosen this state...especially when it comes to gun laws. I used to live in Montana... big change needless to say... damn hippies.
  4. Hey everyone, As the topic reads... Anyone know of a good guy to work on AR's? Or just a good gun shop in general? Had my spots to go to in MN where I'm from, to shoot the shiat or purchase but haven't found any yet here. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks!
  5. mnm3

    Hey Colorado Peeps

    Hey everyone. New to forum and sort of new to CO. Always entertaining to read about Boulder... BRAH!
  6. Looks like that is an out dated URL... Crap!
  7. I found another one that should work for the Bushmaster Piston. The Daniel Defense Omega Piston Rail - Large Diameter... Only problem is that it looks like they discontinued the larger diameter version... Weak.. Anyone know if that is a mistake?
  8. Is there anywhere that has uppers in stock? I can't seem to find any.
  9. Nevermind. I spoke too soon. Thanks for all your help!
  10. Do you have the link to the one you are refering to?
  11. The second one isn't a ff rail??? So there are not any quad rails that anyone knows of that would work with the bushmaster piston system?
  12. So you can't put a free float rail on a piston system? How is this different from an other AR? Don't all uppers work generally the same way?
  13. Would this rail work with this setup? Is there a way to make it work? Any help would be appreciated.
  14. I went to install a ff rail on my Bushmaster AR15 and this was underneath the stock hand guard: That is a pretty huge gas block. First off, what is this; it doesn't look like an average gas block (I'm about as new to messing with ARs as you can possibly be) and what ff rails are there out there that would work with this? Thanks for your help.