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  1. to the little unicorn riding cowgirl that PM'd me then deleted the conversation, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  2. That was a great deal. I wonder if that magnifier was the one he said bought cheap... new.... for $425? Congrats.
  3. Paul Ryan made it a point to mention that a few times. They honestly think we are stupid stoopyd.
  4. Wow, that is a totally super awesome price you posted there dude, best of luck with this incredibly priced setup. You will sell it for sure with that price.
  5. This one goes to Moochelle.... from the movie White Chicks... "Girl, we going to need some backup, call NayNay and LaQuanda, tell them to bring vaseline and straight razors...."
  6. I would use Nosler,the maker of the bullet,over any other load data.
  7. Oh, we are supposed to shoot the firearms? It is a way of life for me, besides, I like picking up bra$$
  8. I did Washington's exchange... no subsidies, $821 a month for me, wife and one child. $200 increase from what we are paying now.
  9. The wife picked me up a Traeger smoker a few years back... with the timer/temp manager thingy it is super easy. When I use a wet marinade, i make sure I dry the meat throughly with a towel just to avoid this problem...
  10. If this is the wrong forum please swap it to the right one... Thanks... ETA: The title should have read "new trigger manufacturer" Perusing a local WA AR store I came across this trigger setup... anyone have experience or heard of them? http://www.hiperfire.com/
  11. That is my only disappointment with the rifle. I would like different uppers and calibers.
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