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  1. oldscool

    Question time again.

    I tried to steer you to the 8lbs of h4895 a while back, as it is a proven powder. I would suggest a redding comparator over a hornady to measure your bullet ogive to chamber. . You are not stuck with your bullets, just load and try with different powders. There is plenty of data out there for STARTING loads. I don't know why, but the loads I saw you were using with the varget were even below all starting load suggestions I had seen. Around here, powder is hard to find. Optimal powders may be unobtainable, but decent substitutes can be tweeked to give a pretty accurate round. Good luck
  2. oldscool

    Range report and help needed.

    If you want a good guage for measuring shoulders, cartidge oal, bullet oal, and bullet oglive seat depth, get a Redding instant comparator. Measure a fired case and set your die to at least .003 set back and you will be good to go. You can use this gage in a press, or just set your case on a flat surface and get a good measurement. The .223 will do all cases based on the .223 except fot the 30 cals. such as the 300 blackout. With a replacement shoulder bushing, it will do that also. I use mine for 17 fireball to 7mmTCU The comparator is the shiny dial. Sorry for the flash, but it is late and not gonna retake.
  3. oldscool

    Got powder??? Update

    You have a Nighthawk custom don't you? Their target test load is or used to consist of vh n310 powder and laser cast bullets. Pizzes my brother off that my old rattletrap remrand will outdo his nighthawk using their test load specs. If you are loading for another person, you open a can of worms, but that is your business. If you can't feed your babies due to economics, adopt one of your safe queens out and feed the ones in need.
  4. oldscool

    AR motorcycle backpack

    Get a light weight sleeping bag or a "horse blanket" and roll it up. Can't get much more discreet than that for mc carry, and it will not look out of place.
  5. How does this compare to the JP silent captured spring system?
  6. oldscool

    M&P 10 FTF

    Hey Tyr, I think that I brought up the fact that you had an adjustable gas block on another thread, and asked if you had tried adjusting it, or if it was just for show. Sounded to me like you just were not happy with the fit, finish, and accuracy of the S&W compared to your POA, and that you just wanted to bash S&W. Just exactly did your gunsmith find out when he examined the rifle? Did he say it was good to go, or he could not find or fix the problem? Maybe you should try a new gunsmith? I do hope that you get this sorted out, but if you cannot, and for whatever reason are not willing to send it back to the factory for evaluation, I suggest you cut your losses and run. Sell it with an explanation of the problem. I am sure that someone would be happy to purchase it at a discount. Like a used car, it lost value when it left the lot! Have you never had one of your whelps not come out to your breed/training expectations? Sometimes you get a fluke. You could also put your POA on a diet and lose a few pounds for a "humping rifle". A different stock, hand guard, scope could pare it down to the S&W weight. Good luck on sorting your rifle out.
  7. oldscool

    Lets see those 1911s

    The stripped down one is a true Colt 1911 produced in 1913.
  8. oldscool

    Anyone have 1st hand knowledge about Langdon, ND??

    For that area, it is a metropolis. Friendly people and a nice place. Winter can be isolating.
  9. oldscool

    Buying my First AR-15

    Check this out: http://www.ar15armory.com/forums/topic/140220-wts-lmt-rifle-length-mrp-complete-rifle-used-excellent-1300-shipped/ Doubt you will find a better price, and I know you will not find a better seller.
  10. oldscool

    M&P 10 FTF

    So you sent this rifle back to S&W in april and was returned. You then had a bent round come out of it and you gave it to your gunsmith to rectify. Now the thing won't chamber a straight round? What did your gunsmith have to say? Maybe it has something to do with that big gash between the upper and lower. Get in touch with cs at S&W and tell them you want it fixed or replaced. From what I have read, most people are satisfied with the MP 10 rifles in hand. Myself, I own another brand that works for me, and have no need for a short barrel featherweight 308.
  11. oldscool

    Esplain this to me! (Bushing Dies)

    Greg's explanaition is one of the best I have read on the matter. I will go the extra mile to do the least amount of resizing my brass as possible.
  12. oldscool

    +1 for 12131

    Just great to deal with. Excellent communication and FAST shipping. More than fair deal on a very nice lower. THANK YOU!
  13. "Does anybody have a motor that runs on Kerosene? I have a couple of heaters that do. Maybe some patterns or a camp stove but no motors." How bout a jet motor? Or about any motor that will run on biofuel. I imagine what they got him on was not carrying it in an "approved container".
  14. Well I had a lonely rra upper in need of companionship, so I ordered this mail order bride to complete it. The lovely couple together. I want to say that 12131 is the best gentleman ever to do business with. Above and beyond all expectations. A great deal, and had a bonus of a new Troy 30 sent with. THANK YOU!
  15. oldscool

    I see something good in my future

    Sounds like you are good to go!