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  1. - Franklin Armory stripped upper and lower - RRA BCG and LPK - CMC Trigger - BHW 16" carbine length barrel - Troy 13" VTAC rail and Micro BUIS - Mission First Tactical VFG and Stock (the latter being somewhat controversial) ;-) - Battle Comp 1.5 muzzle brake - BCM Charging handle and Buffer tube Got my Trijicon 4x32 ACOG yesterday but mounting rail is still in the mail. :-(
  2. I assume that my BHW 16" 5.56 barrel wool shoot .223 ammo. Am I correct?
  3. Thanks to a number of folks on this site for helping me through my first build. Got lots of good perspectives, ideas and of course insider info on how to get some parts. Now I have to find time to get to the range for a report!
  4. I bought front and rear Troy sights last night for $170 on dvor. Seems like an ok price as they are hardly ever on sale.
  5. Thanks all. Great info as always. Time to go out and look through a bunch of sights.
  6. I'm building it now and am saving optics for last. So far, I have a complete lower built around a Franklin billet lower (I posted a pic the other day) - waiting [impatiently] for the Franklin uppers to get back in stock. Just ordered a BHW 16" barrel with help from Outkast and a BCM BCG (and charging handle). I'm probably a few days away from settling on a rail with a lightweight MI being my preference right now.
  7. I was thinking about having both as folding but am not completely sold now. May need to re-think it a bit.
  8. It's now time for me to worry about which set of BUIS to buy. My buddies have Troys and Magpul but I've also seen Yankee Hill and Midwest. Anything I need to worry about from a functionality perspective or do I just pick the sight that I like - and potentially ignore the [potentially large] price difference?
  9. I first saw a pic of the stock in an issue of Recoil. Did some more research and thought I'd give it a try. It's fom Mission First Tactical. http://www.missionfirsttactical.com/Products/Battlelink-stocks/BATTLELINK-Utility-Stock_3 Got it on amazon for <$90.
  10. Grrrr.... I have about as much patience as a jackrabbit on crack.
  11. I'm about to put in an order for a Black Hole barrel and the wait time on the web site says 10-12 weeks. Has anyone bought one recently? If so, how long did it take?
  12. Stock came in and yesterday and can finally post a pic. Franklin Armory Billet Lower CMC Trigger BMG buffer tube Rock River LPK Mission First BULS Still trying to track down the elusive Franklin upper!
  13. Very cool. Thanks for the input. Upon further reading it seems like a mid-length may help reduce recoil which I think would be nice. Anything else to consider?
  14. I've been reading around for the past couple of weeks trying to get an idea of how I should outfit my first build. Once my Mission First stock comes in on Tuesday, I will have completed my lower which consists of a Franklin Armory upper, Rock River LPK, CMC Straight trigger (bad a$$), BMC buffer and the stock that I just mentioned. It looks like I should be able to pick up a [stripped] Franklin upper next Tuesday (fingers crossed) which leaves me with a fair dilemma - what barrel, BCG, etc.? Because I wanted the matched upper, it made things more difficult as I haven't been able to find a complete Franklin upper. I'm going to be mostly a paper puncher probably out to no more than 300 yds on average. Might be interested in the future in trying three gun but that's fairly aspirational. As this should be my only AR (if you don't count my .22) I want to do it right but don't want to get too extravagant. BTW, I do now recognize the CMC trigger may have been a bit much. :-) Any thoughts on what I should get to complete the upper?
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