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    Johnny you must never trust a fart!!!!
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    I followed you right off the cliff!
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    :beeler: RUN GEORGE RUN!!!!!
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    Jury Duty

    Glad mine didn't shoot me!!!!
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    Design Flaws

    This may be the greatest funny ever posted!!!!!! :bellylaf:
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    Church Service

    I have sit next to her too!
  7. I have wondered the difference too! I was an AK person for years and understand the the reason they use chrome lined ( not cleaning often and using corrosive ammo) But what advantage in the AR? I have always heard the regular chromemoly is more accurate than than the lined ones but not sure why either is better or worse. Sorry I am not trying to thread jack but it may help you choose too sir!
  8. My friend has one of these and they are SWEET!!! They shoot great and the muzzle break removes almost all of the felt recoil! Buy lots of ammo and enjoy this great weapon!
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