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  1. I had no idea..being that its far west and have been going there for years with no problems
  2. Use an ffl dealer best be on the safe side
  3. Phase 5 does make great stuff !! I shoot left and have been looking for products like these in the past.
  4. Hi have you been to Miller Road? go west on I10 about may 20 miles take Miller road exit then make a quick left at the stop sign. Go about 3 miles and will see a lot of people parked .
  5. If you are missing any paper work or if they lose any paper they will send it back.
  6. The 199trust.com it owned maybe by the same person who owns ffl123.com
  7. Always keep copy's if you are going to be using them..At the range never ever have the originals
  8. WOW I have never seen this before in the past. They should have a letter from the BATF
  9. I spent three years there and it was just a matter of time before they go back killing them self's.
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